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    Is my battery dying?

    try setting your power options.also check advanced power options .as previously mentioned if it is over heating you might try cleaning your might have a lot of fuzz in it .
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    relocate actiontec router

    i have an actiontec MI424-wr router in the cellar.can i disconnect coaxial cable and move it upstairs.without messing up my connection ?
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    clean headphones distortion speakers

    thanks for your replies.i orderd new speakers last night.if things don't work out i'll be for now i'll be closing this post.thank's again
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    clean headphones distortion speakers

    the head phones work fine.its the speakers that might be reason to try your sloution.
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    clean headphones distortion speakers

    thanks for answer .i don't have another computer to do that. coud i take them out and test with ohm you know where icould buy new ones.
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    clean headphones distortion speakers

    ausus x540la sound from youtube videos is crstal clear with headphones. through the speakers is some where it could need new speakers.tryed most of usual sound fixes thet didn't work.had a sound blaster app to increase volume for a year i uninstalled that .maybe this...
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    free cleaner?

    having no luck updating ccleaner free.does any body know of a free replacement .ccleaner keeps trying to get you pay.