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  1. Warfaree

    Sandisk SSD

    I had a serious problem that I was able to solve with your instructions. From my own experience, I can advise you to transfer all important files from the problematic SSD. Yes, you can do recover permanently deleted files, but it will not be a simple procedure. Therefore, make a backup in advance.
  2. Warfaree

    Laptops Get Old Fast

    Currently, even fresh Adobe After Effects is having problems on Windows 11. That's why I went back to Windows 10 again.
  3. Warfaree

    Windows nas of main drive fails?

    It's great to hear that our tips helped you solve the problem.
  4. Warfaree

    Introducing Windows 10 S

    I think you better read about manager hyper v to find the answer to your question. This is not difficult to do when all the necessary information is collected in one place.
  5. Warfaree

    Hard drives

    Yes, unfortunately, the level of quality and trust in VD has decreased significantly.
  6. Warfaree

    Windows nas of main drive fails?

    That's right, I just read about how to set up a raid. But he asked about problems with the disk itself, where Windows is installed. Here you need to back up the tokens that are stored on the system disk.
  7. Warfaree


    Wow, this is a really cool rarity.
  8. Warfaree

    Windows Defender vs. Avast

    But the built-in antivirus does not protect against threats at the browser level, for example. While third-party antivirus software does it successfully.
  9. Warfaree

    'Chrome extension, Faster Bookmark - Add Bookmark faster' How to use it?

    A handy tool, but there are security issues. What do you say about that?
  10. Warfaree

    Can't reach main c:drive

    I had a similar problem when Windows discovered hard drive problems. At first I used built-in tools, but it didn't work 100%. Then I decided to use third-party software.
  11. Warfaree

    Windows updated and a firewall.

    In this case, check for updates for Windows remotely will not work.
  12. Warfaree

    Problems with microphone on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I had a similar problem, I just uninstalled the current drivers for the sound card and installed the old version, which was stable.
  13. Warfaree

    Microsoft Word problem with paper size A3

    I experienced a similar problem in my office at work. I just added the A3 format manually.
  14. Warfaree

    Windows Defender vs. Avast

    These two antiviruses are inferior to Kaspersky in terms of protection.
  15. Warfaree

    VPN Stopped Working

    During the process of moving to a new server, unexpected problems can always arise. Most likely, you forgot about some subnets. In general, you'd better enable server monitoring to collect statistics and track current problems. It is also possible that the problem is on the side of the VPN...
  16. Warfaree

    Windows 10 Camera Not Found

    Have you tried updating your webcam drivers or installing older drivers?
  17. Warfaree


    Yes, indeed, some programs have existed for a long time, but then they stop supporting updates. There are many alternatives now, such as an image quality enhancer and other online services. But Microsoft offers good free alternatives too.
  18. Warfaree

    Major Wifi Issues

    I use Zen Mate and this VPN also turned off my Internet access.
  19. Warfaree

    Introducing Windows 10 S

    Any fresh news about the project?
  20. Warfaree

    Missing operating system after rebooting

    Good program, I used it several times. But I like Uneraser more. This software recovers data from the computer’s hard drive, works with different file permissions.