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    How to repartition a hard drive in Windows 10?

    After installed windows, most users need to repartition their disk. Normally we should use Disk Management, but it waste a lot of time. Here I will introduce a right way to repartition disk wonderfully.:up: MiniTool Partition Wizard is an all-in-one disk partition manager, can manage disk...
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    Extend Volume grayed out.

    Because you already have three primary partitions, so when you take any space out, it would go into extended partition. If the space belongs to extended partition, it would be marked as FREE SPACE, if it belongs to primary partition, it would be marked as UNALLOCATED.
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    Computer C partition is in low disk space

    Firstly, you have to clean C partition, and check if there is any free space can be used; Secondly, check if other extended partitions have free space. If they have, we can Extend some free space to C partition. We can use Disk Management to SHRINK extended partitions, and EXTEND C partition...
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    Help with Partitions

    You can save some space from unknown partition to C drive or to another logical partition. You can not use Disk Management to EXTEND C Drive directly because of your Windows XP computer. So, you can use other application like Minitool Partition wizard Home Edition. Unknown partition belongs to...
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    Creating New Partition without Format

    Hi, there are two tools for you to manage partition. One is Disk Management in the computer. "Open Computer"—“Manage”--"Disk Management", then you can see your partition C. Use "Shrink Volume", change the size you want to allocate to the new partition, then you can get a unallocated space...