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    I have Win 7 on my desktop and my laptop and trying to open home groups it tells me that I cannnot do this on different operating systems anyone any idea why this happens - do I have remnants of Vista on the laptop or vice versa
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    Install 7 on laptop

    I have used Win7 RC on my desktop and happy with it - I now want to install on a laptop which is a Dell with a recovery partition. If I install 7 will I be able to use this restore partition to go back OR am I better making a drive image, formatting and doing a clean install? Will appreciate any...
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    Windows old on Wim7

    Trying to do a back up to a portable HD 250 GB I'm told insufficent room! Looking at Windows I see files Windows Old that is 63 GB and Windows Old 000 that is 36 GB in size - can someone enlighten me on these, what they are they for? are they necessary? and can they be got rid of? :confused: