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    hotmail view email size

    in hotmail (, how do I view the size of an email in my inbox?
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    Cast W10 desktop to smart TV's?

    Running W10 (current) current EDGE, and Google browser (current @ 96.0). Is there a way to cast what I see on my W10 desktop to my smart TV's using EDGE and Google browsers? On the Google browser clicking to view the dropdown menu, "Cast" is not there. In EDGE, I click on the menu to "Cast...
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    PF keys - need pf5 , for example

    I have a Microsoft natural keyboard on my Windows 8.1 64bit Dell desktop PC. I want to enter PF5 in order to make my browsers reload the web page, but I don't know how to do that. Each of my PF keys are marked on their top surface with their main function. For example, the PF5 key is marked...
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    Turn off IPv6?

    Running Windows 8.1 that is current with Windows Update fixes. Running fast Dell desktop PC. My TW internet speed tests are done with my web browsers from ...... I'm having some phone problems and also sporadic reductions to my wireless and Ethernet speeds since updating with Time Warner to...