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  1. ragnarok1968

    Issue: Microsoft Edge (Canary channel)

    OS: Windows 10 Home Browser: Version (Official build) canary (64-bit) Microsoft Edge Hey guys. I'm using Microsoft's Edge browser, the Canary channel and the version mentioned above. My problem is, When I have the browser open, it runs modal or it runs as though its king. I can open...
  2. ragnarok1968

    Linux Question about Caffeine/Caffeine indicator

    I always use these two apps to keep my system from fits of narcolepsy. anyway, my question is, I have both already setup in my startup applications. What command can I put in to automatically activate caffeine indicator? any advice is greatly appreciated
  3. ragnarok1968

    Linux installing new M.2 SSD with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    hey guys! Ok, I purchased a new toshiba M.2 (gen 3) SSD drive into my MSi laptop. it's 128GB, the same as the original that came with this laptop. This was a Windows 10 setup. I got tired of all the updates that literally screwed up drivers... consistently! So I'm older now, as is the system...
  4. ragnarok1968

    Linux Google Chrome 69 with material changes Windows version too! source Chrome 69, the latest upcoming iteration of Google's browser on the stable channel, will finally roll out a major design refresh that has been in testing for several months now. The most prominent change one can see is with the tab bar - all tabs have been rounded off and...
  5. ragnarok1968

    Linux Setup LibreOffice repository

    Link: XP level: newbie and above The command in terminal goes like this to ADD the repository to Ubuntu. It will keep you up on the latest releases respectively. This should be a...
  6. ragnarok1968

    Linux UKUU kernel

    UKUU has Kernel update 4.18 out in the wild. The kernel appears by observation appears to be a final release kernel. (please correct me if I'm wrong)
  7. ragnarok1968

    Linux Gnome Maps - deb and rpm versions

    Gnome Maps, deb and rpm version website Linux hint I managed to get an email about this little app. I like this website because they give valuable information that I can keep and use just about immediately. They seem to never steer anyone wrong with Linux tips. command to install on Ubuntu...
  8. ragnarok1968

    Linux Installation/Upgrade Google Chrome stable

    Source Link: Install/Upgrade google Chrome stable Ubuntu * Note: I realize in the instructions they want you to add the repository for the latest libre office the article used a ppa for libreoffice 5-4 (works for upgrades within 5-4... 5-4-1, 5-4-7 etc..) I changed the version from 5-4 to sudo...
  9. ragnarok1968

    Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: black screen after log-off

    Hey guys, I have a problem and from what I have seen thus far from many others, Nvidia drivers may be the issue. Problem: When I log-off to get a coffee, use the head etc, the screen will go black, requiring me to reboot my system. I know of past videos I have seen whereby Linus Torvalds tells...
  10. ragnarok1968

    Timeshift: how to install

    There isn't a "System Restore" utility like in windows. However Timeshift allows users to use snap-shots of our systems at certain points to use to restore our systems/ *** I'm keeping all copyright notices listed below for proper credit to the original authors.*** TimeShift TimeShift has a...
  11. ragnarok1968

    Free ebook: How to Install and Use PowerShell on Linux

    Yes, this is free, I got it from FOSS's website. Free ebook: How to Install and Use PowerShell on Linux It is my sincere hope this comes in handy for everyone at any given point. -Rag
  12. ragnarok1968

    Free Ebooks for Linux

    Link: FOSS free eBooks (linux: specific and general) I have an account with FOSS and I came across their ebook download site for FREE ebooks, specific linux flavors and general books on linux. I thought I'd post this here for future use and reference to download free eBooks. -Rag
  13. ragnarok1968

    dpkg problem reinstall or a system repair?

    May Day, Linux system down! Lol... Seriously though, I didn't do anything and out of the blue my dpkg now gives me great grief. I've tried to do a thorough web search for fixing issues pertaining to dpkg but all I get is the "how to use dpkg" tutorials. I bought from a usb...
  14. ragnarok1968

    MSFT Linux Powershell core snap available

    Credit: Microsoft's Linux Powershell core author: Paul Hill Microsoft has just launched PowerShell Core as a snap package allowing for the easier installation of the software on many Linux distributions that support snaps. PowerShell Core is designed for admins who need to manage...
  15. ragnarok1968

    Linux Tweaks program- great to manipulate your desktop min. /max. button activation.

    I have to admit, I already installed tweaks already so I'll go through the flow. program: Gnome Tweaks (installed automatically.) I opened a terminal window and threw the command at it; apt search Gnome-Tweaks and what you'll find in return... Sorting... Done Full Text Search... Done...
  16. ragnarok1968

    Linux all* (actually any flavor of Linux) where to get it?

    I'm fairly seasoned with Ubuntu as my favorite flavor, mostly for it's relative easy of installation and use. But what about those who are new to Linux? I was without a hope myself and a few kind folks helped me along. so let me return the kindness for any newbie wanting to see what Linux is...
  17. ragnarok1968

    MSI Steel series keyboard software

    Hey everyone! how goes it? I own an MSi Gaming laptop with the steel series keyboard and it can be used in UBUNTU 18.04 LTS. I wanted to put this tutorial up here on how to get your steel series keyboards to function in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS First I did a search for the msi steel series keyboard...
  18. ragnarok1968

    Spectrum speed upgrade for their internet

    Guys, if you have Charter Spectrum, and you have one of the more expensive packages, they have automatically upgraded your internet speed from the former 60Mb to 100Mb. I happened to see their commercial about 100 Mb speed home internet. So I called and the customer service had confirmed they...
  19. ragnarok1968

    Microsoft implemented an anti-cheat feature in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    URL: Microsoft implemented an anti-cheat feature in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Microsoft implemented an anti-cheat feature in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update By Hamza Jawad @@HamzaJawad98 · 12 hours ago15 The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update was released just a couple of days ago, and...
  20. ragnarok1968

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update fixes the DirectX 9 memory allocation bug

    URL: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update fixes the DirectX 9 memory allocation bug Via In Windows 8, Microsoft changed how DirectX 9 reported the amount of available memory to games; while Windows 7 seemingly allowed a game to use the entirety of the available VRAM, Windows 8 limited...