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  1. Drone1x

    Windows 10 Haveing PROBS getting Windows 10 READ THIS !!!

    1. Click Start Menu 2. type in CMD 3.right click & run as ADMIN <----- you HAVE to do it like that CMD window copy & paste in this .... wuauclt.exe /updatenow 5.hit ENTER 6. WAIT for it to finish 7. close CMD when it is done 8. WAIT 2 minutes then open Windows Update You should NOW be...
  2. Drone1x

    heya Peeps !!! Video Driver Probs

    I was FINALLY able to upgrade To Windows 10 from Windows 7Sp1 it all running good xcept my video driver . I have the one installed from MS but I wanted the new one from nVIDIA site so i downloaded it & when I TRIED to install it I got an error sayin I couldn't install it bcuz it couldn't FIND...
  3. Drone1x

    Windows 7 Makin ur Sys props lQQk Kool.. !!

    use this .... WinBubbles, Customize and Tweak Windows 7 UI Easily - Unlock For Us ur Sys Props Page WILL come to Life... like THIS...
  4. Drone1x

    This for People have App Compat Probs!!!!

    This for those of you's Haveing App Compat Probs..... Go Here .... A software update is available that addresses common application compatibility issues in Windows 7 Beta Enjoy !!!
  5. Drone1x

    A FIX for Messenger Users !!!

    Hey People My budd directed me to this Page Cuz I was havein Probs running Windows Live Messenger... Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET Install it as Admin Under Vista Compat Mode works PERFECT ..I been using it ALL
  6. Drone1x

    DreamScene in Windows 7 !!!

    Hey People I got DreamScen running good in Win7... here Link for DreamScene Download Link Removed - Not Found (Right Click & Install as Admin) Then grab DeskScapes from Here - Your Edge In Software (Grab Vista one & Install as Admin & in Vista...
  7. Drone1x

    Windows 7 Essentials !!!

    Hey guyz I decided to HELP out by Upping the LINK to my SkyDrive... These are the MSI files In case People have Probs with the Live Installer.... Public - Windows Live ENJOY !!!! Drone1x:D