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  1. Digerati

    Windows 7 Is your browser safe?

    Once again, MS continues to prove they are taking security seriously and that Internet Explorer does not deserve being bashed or discarded due to security. Note that NSSLabs is a highly respected, independent testing facility. Is Your Browser Putting You At Risk? - General Browser...
  2. Digerati

    Centered posts

    Hmmm, all posts are appearing with the text centered - but only with IE. FF and Chrome are displayed with the text left-justified, as expected. This is only happening with IE, and only on this site. Running IE without add-ons does not correct issue. Problem seen on two computers.
  3. Digerati

    Site Introduced Ads in Members Posts - NOT COOL!

    I am very unhappy with the site's policies to introduce ads into members posts without their knowledge or permission. I think it is very deceptive, disappointing and uncalled for. I am referring to ads that appear when users submit posts they typed using key words like, r e g i s t r y, c r a...
  4. Digerati

    User count

    When I look at this page: I see at the bottom it says there are currently 61502 users on line - (a record, no less!). Yet when I add up all the folks viewing the various forums, I only get about 16,000 folks viewing. What are the other 45,502 people doing if not...