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  1. Paul Simpson

    Windows 10 Mail App Not displaying content

    Hay Guy's I'm having a bit of a problem with my win x Mail app not displaying in the reading area. It looks like its only doing it with new mail as mail saved to folders still display ok. I haven't changed any settings so not got a clue what's gone wrong. Any Ideas? Is there a way to...
  2. Paul Simpson

    BSOD, Help needed Please.

    I just had an auto update. Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3093266) but on restart I got a BSOD. was this just an an unexpected shut-down fault or is a driver at fault. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Paul Simpson

    Windows 10 Windows 10 mail sync error

    Error 0x80070032 Hi. Ppl. Just had to refresh windows as I was having a few problems with syncing mail. But the refresh never cured the poblem. When I try to sync folders I get the error. Looking at win 10 feedback it looks like quite a lot of pople are getting the same error. Has enyone found a...
  4. Paul Simpson

    Insider Preview One Drive

    Is one drive working on build 10122?
  5. Paul Simpson

    Insider Preview TP Build 10122

    People app and Music preview app not opening on this build is there any fixes out there yet? The people app opens then closes in about 2 seconds. the Music preview app dose nothing at all when clicked on. Tried un-pinning and re-pinning to start but just the same. If these apps don't work...
  6. Paul Simpson

    Insider Preview Windows update error

    Trying to update 10074 I keep getting an update error. Update for Windows 10 Insider Preview for x64-based Systems (KB3061161) - Error 0x8007000d I have tried rebooting and doing a few searches on the net and found a few error codes the same but relating to win 7. Anyone else getting this...
  7. Paul Simpson

    Insider Preview When Windows 10 releases

    Just a quick one. When 10 finaly becomes available are we going to be able to install on top of the TP or are we going to be required go back to win 8/7 then update from there again? The reason I ask is I have just broke my win 8 disc and would need to download the iso again just in case I need...
  8. Paul Simpson

    Insider Preview windows update error

    Anyone seeing this error when trying to update. Tried again today and got (0x80080006)
  9. Paul Simpson

    Insider Preview No start No notifications on bootup

    Hi. When I first bootup the start button and notification buttons are non responseive. I need to reboot the pc before it will work. Any clues as to whats going on? Also is cortana working for thenuk region yet?
  10. Paul Simpson

    BSOD Help

    Hi ppl. can someone help me with this problem I have had two BSOD in two days. Bug check code = 0x0000007f Caused by driver = fltmgr.sys Caused by address= fltmgr.sys+1307. any help please. I have the two mini dump files zipped up in skydrive if I can add a link.