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  1. William B

    Intel Graphics Control Panel

    Glad you got it sorted out. Had the same thing happen to me with a few basic client builds in the past using Intel iGPU with certain drivers, that I believe were not compatible at the time with the Intel Control Panel due to Microsoft Updates or lackthereof -- later rectified.
  2. William B

    any comodo(av) gurus here?

    Webroot is really good stuff even ahead of Emsisoft IMO.
  3. William B

    What Brands Of Monitors Are Good

    27" @ 1440ps is perfect. 24-25" @ 1080p is perfect. 4K @ 27"-32" is also perfect but GPU performance demanding.
  4. William B

    Windows 10 Windows Cumulative update fails to install

    There was 1 machine recently that had that issue for a client and what I did was use system restore (after backup etc) and go back to before the attempted update, and I uninstalled some core drivers - GPU, Intel ME, chipset, Chrome, Firefox, and did a reboot and allowed Win 10 native drivers to...
  5. William B

    Should I upgrade Win7 Home Premium to Win 10?

    One thing I can tell you from having worked directly on a few of those units and one not long ago, is that even though the initial model number maybe be similar the hardware may not be. Example one of the earlier units I worked on was a HPE-110t that had a Q9300 Processor and that one was not...
  6. William B

    Autoruns for Windows

    Been using it for years thanks for the update. Very good lately for removing nVidia telemetry.
  7. William B

    Suggest GPU?

    Looks like ragnarok has you squared away :) what is the status on this did you end up getting/updating anything?
  8. William B

    AMD release Ryzen motherboard driver update

    Those drivers as nmsuk said are already tested with the AMD "chipsets" That means, when you install them, the .ini file will read your chipset and install accordingly. Meaning it's tested already on the new AMD chipsets, The actual board maker isn't a concern. That said they may or may not offer...
  9. William B

    Microsoft restricts the use of Win 7/8.1 on Skylake CPU's

    I agree with both of you. Seems we no longer live in an era where quality is job #1 and the customer has some input that matters. I can remember when Windows 8 was released in another forum with a lot of insiders I made a post about simply offering the option of Metro or non Metro upon initial...
  10. William B

    Suggest GPU?

    If you have a 3770 I7 (that's 3rd gen) it's a good processor. If you're a gamer and want a better GPU I would think about moving the parts to a regular case. You would have to replace the motherboard and possibly the OS. Thing is you want to get it out of that case and into a standard mATX/ATX...
  11. William B

    Is Win10 still a forced download?

    Since the Windows 10 promotional period it's not forced anymore unless I am mistaken.I mean other than the roll up-updates with W7 you should be good to go.
  12. William B

    Introduce Yourself.

    Welcome here TechTips and abIT!
  13. William B

    Windows 7 64bit Home Premium BSOD

    I agree with your already large CPU Heat Sink you could clear that path of air from your front fan- to-rear airflow and should make a pretty substantial difference. See what that does for you.
  14. William B

    What Song Do You Like or Are You Listening Too?

    Thank you. For some reason that music really dissolves time for me and gets me in a neutral zone where I can truly appreciate the sound.
  15. William B

    Video card

    You're welcome, and it should be a nice 1080p card :)
  16. William B

    Video card

    since a GTX 960 would be better than a GTX 670 I would think the GTX 1050ti would also be better, plus a newer tech and draws less power. Additionally NVidia tends to optimize drivers for the newer series in newer games better than the older cards.
  17. William B

    BSOD's and CTD's new PC.

    I would also return the system to it's default state to see how it acts.
  18. William B

    What Song Do You Like or Are You Listening Too?

    Something I game to at times. Get rid of time and just enjoy.
  19. William B

    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I will be loading it up this coming weekend I have a lot of irons in the fire with my work but this coming weekend will be entirely dedicated to pure gaming!