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  1. helpifIcan

    No November update note

    I received the 1511 update for my ASUS T100, but not for my DT. I waited until yesterday and decided to use the media creation tool. I had the old one from the original Win 10 install. I ran that one and after the final settings I checked the version and found it to be on the same version. I...
  2. helpifIcan

    WIndows 10 install done

    Finally had time yesterday to do the upgrade, quick and painless. It took 40 minutes from start of download to win10 desktop. Still running the beta in a Vbox, I'll keep that for a while to see what new thing they push out to us.
  3. helpifIcan

    Insider Preview Compatability View with Edge

    My company uses a site for us to input hours & expenses, it requires that I use the compatibility mode to render correctly. I have not found this option in the Edge browser, it does work with IE in compatibility mode. If at some point they remove IE this may prove to be a problem. Has anyone...
  4. helpifIcan

    Insider Preview Vbox guest not working in 9926

    I can not use native resolution due to Vbox guest additions errors. Is it just me or does anyone else running VBox have this problem? Does not cause any problems other than the screen size, so far. Just checked the VBox forum looks like the latest win10 build...
  5. helpifIcan

    Special characters insead of alphabet

    Strange problem about a month ago maybe once every 4 to 10 days the PC boots up and all the characters are strange, instead of the usual alpabet they are spercial characters. I do a system restore and all is fine. If anyone has any thoughts on this as how to solve this short of reloading...
  6. helpifIcan

    Calendar Creator 12 FYI

    Just an FYI I loaded CC 12 and it appears to work fine with WIN7 RC. (have not had time to do the upgrade). I was worried because they don't even say this works with Vista. I use this to create a family calendar each year with all the birthdays and anniversaries so I did not want to start over...
  7. helpifIcan

    Bubbles screensaver options

    I found this liitle app to give the bubbles screen saver some options. I tested this and it works in X86 build 7100. Unlocking the Bubbles screen saver's hidden settings in Vista | Microsoft Windows | Enjoy!
  8. helpifIcan

    Old flatbed scanners not working

    I have an old Microtek scannmaker X6EL that refused to work "twain error" the driver appeared to be fine just refused to scan through any programs. I found this program VueScan that worked prefectly. This program is not free but beats buying a new scanner. You can use the program to test for...