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  1. carsten ibsen

    Amazon Is Adding MGM To Its Libary Soon.
  2. carsten ibsen

    Windows 10 RogueKiller.

    I have just purchased a lifetime license of Roguekiller, I think it is a very nice piece of software, any other experiences?:)
  3. carsten ibsen


    Hello everyone have any of you heard of this vpn,is it good or what? every response will do.
  4. carsten ibsen

    Windows 8.1 cant see cd-rom drive

    hello everyone from zealand copenhagen. i was about to rip some new cds when i discovered that my cd.rom drive is gone,i have tryed to search for it,and i will bring to your attention that i am a newbie,so if you want to help me please do so i can understand. regards
  5. carsten ibsen

    Hard Drive Space

    Hello Everyone,My First Post. I was wondering how much hard drive space does windows 8.1 really need,Is 100 GB okay or what please help.