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  1. MinecraftKid45

    Windows 8.1 Fallout 4

    I love when people randomly reply years later to posts like this, makes me remember the hype I had for these old(well, not really) games I don't even think about anymore.
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    network connectivity abnormal

    Have you tried another Machine? Maybe its the router/network switch(whatever you are using if its a server) not allowing the outbound connection.
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    Please help.

    No, you can only Jailbreak up to iOS 11.1.2 at the moment, and if you restored, that means you're on a later version. I recommend you root the Android device using something such as KingRoot, or if you feel safe doing it and your device is supported, flash a custom recovery menu and root it...
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    Please help.

    I really wish your phone wouldn't have been restored, because then you could've jailbroken it and used a Cydia Tweak such as Filza to go into your File System and see every app installed on the device, and remove the VPN completely.
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    Please help.

    I'm really not sure about them remotely installing the VPN to your iPhone. Your router can't just make your phone install an application. If it could, this would be a problem with iOS and something Apple needs to fix. I seriously doubt that an exploit like this exists inside of the latest iOS...
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    Please help.

    This is obviously something wrong with the firmware of the Hub. Temporarily until you get this issue fixed get another router if you need your Wi-Fi right now. If not, just temporarily use your iPhone's data and make it a hotspot for your laptop.
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    Please help.

    Why not just get a new router if you can't reflash yours? I don't see how they would hack the router you have now unless it has publicly known exploits. They aren't just going to be able to hack your router unless they have an exploit for it, the most they could do is use an exploit in the Wi-Fi...
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    Please help.

    What kind of neighbors does this guy have?
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    Windows 10 Black screen issue after using Pc for 5-7 mins of use

    I would suggest clearing your CMOS, as that has helped me a lot of the time with issue when installing drivers. The most likely case is a hardware issue, as it only happens when you go install your motherboard driver. Does it work with Windows 7 or does it have a Black Screen?
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    Windows 10 Why don't my desktop items get displayed?

    Also make sure that Show Desktop Items is ENABLED Right-Click > View > Show Desktop Items
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    How to Download and Install WhatsApp Official App for Windows 10 Desktop

    Hey! That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    I need Windows 7 SP1

    Thanks, kemical!
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    sms syncronization

    The old SMS will not pop back up in your phone, it is gone.
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    Extension in all browsers stopped working.

    POSSIBLY re-install your mouse driver. Maybe it will work? I don't know and I've never heard of this extension before.
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    I need Windows 7 SP1

    We cannot give you a copy of Windows 7 for free...of course we can give you the ISO, and you can use it for 30 days, but you MUST purchase a Product Key yourself! I recommend getting an ISO image, using it for a week or so and you should see an upgrade to Windows 10 message, so just upgrade to...
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    GWX Control Panel

    Dang...Microsoft MVP telling you how to NOT be bothered to upgrade to their newest OS! xD, this looks pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    Disable the desktop mode in Windows 8.1

    Hi, GoGetIt! Welcome to Windows Forum! Basically you need to create 2 accounts on the Administrator one that's Password Protected, and another that's a Limited Account! Open Parental Controls by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, and then, under User Accounts and...
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    'Run as administrator' results in error

    Are you logged on as an Administrator? Does the File belong to someone else? What is the Application?
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    Interesting file for Cortana

    Hey, but thanks for the post, this is VERY interesting! I am gonna fool around with these numbers a little! :D
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    Interesting file for Cortana

    Nope, it just means when you say , Cortana does that action!