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  1. textureDnB


    Anyone on this board ever use the awesome media center OS called GeeXboX? I am extraordinarily pleased with this super lightweight linux OS. I have an OLD 600 MHz P3 in an even olde ISA based (1 PCI slot the rest is ISA) Gateway PC using a video card that is made by nvidia but is so old I can't...
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    Beware these free driver for posts that just popped up everywhere the link is malicious. Ive reported the posts so they should be handled soon but there are about fifteen of them in the last couple minutesd and still climbing.
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    A large amount of you folks on here seem to have a supernatural ability to know that the rest of the population can only speculate about. Do any of you well connected folks like drew or reghackr or anyone have an idea of when Microsoft Security Essentials is intended to be made available i've...
  4. textureDnB

    Yahoo Sirius tuner

    Anyone else on here using the yahoo widget Surius Satellite radio tuner?I am trying to see if anyone can corroberate an odd escalating CPU usage by this widget. When it is first started you get the low 6-7% CPU you would expect from simple streaming audio but after being on for an hour or two...
  5. textureDnB

    Still pre orders in the US

    Anyone know for sure of anywhere in the US still offering to pre order their is so much debris on google you can't wade through it all, it's like the canned food and bottled water section a day before a hurricane forecast..
  6. textureDnB

    Anyone carry CompTiA A+ need advice

    Don't want to make this too long winded so i will try to be concise.I'm a construction guy by trade but have been interested in computing my hole life and it's been an intense hobby for about the last ten years.I am certain that i'm in possesion of the skills to do almost any...
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    Full Retail

    Does anyone know with certainty (I'll accept rumor just identify it as rumor) If retail copy's of home premium will be available for multiple PC's.Hopefully with some pre order action i dont want to upgrade any of my ENORMOUS oem vista installations i would much rather re install every...
  8. textureDnB

    tossing your old install yet?

    i'm having such a good experience with W7 i don't know if i'll ever use my XP part. again it's just that my OCD won't let me format it without some public opinion.So my question is this: who has or intends to wipe out their former installs be they vista, XP, i'm even hearing of some ubuntu...
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    network activity light

    Netgear wg111v.3 USB wireless card network activity light flashes continuously while there is no actual network activity ongoing according to task manager and my router. I am installed using the netgear smart wizard which i can't uninstall easily though i didn't give it the full try can anyone...
  10. textureDnB

    compatibility measures permanent ?

    While i'm no stranger to new windows OS's and their compatibility issues i am a noob to microsoft beta testing.There are alot of concessions made to increase compatibility of app's designed for previous OS's (ability to tell seven what system it worked on previously back to pure XP no SP) is...