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  1. busydog

    Can't Install Windows 7

    Are you inserting the disk or booting to it? You DO NOT want to upgrade from Vista so you want to set your BIOS to boot from the DVD and install in another partition or on top of the Vista partition. Your data will be saved in a windows.old folder if you install on top of Vista.
  2. busydog

    Folders will not open pictures

    Google "Take Control" Vista and you should find the necessary software.
  3. busydog

    BSOD on Startup

    Try doing a repair using the install disk. You may have to do the repair twice.
  4. busydog

    Windows 7 freezes on "completing installation"

    Check out this link as a possible cure....
  5. busydog

    Hard Drive Grinding/4sec hang when Simple Tasks are Performed

    I would suggest running a Hard Disk Diagnosis Utility like Crystal Disk Info Download - Check at any time the status of your hard drive and its temperature. before proceeding further.
  6. busydog

    CPU is 50%+ when doing anything but nothing!

    Use MSCONFIG (from a command prompt) to disable all boot items and non-M$ services. If your CPU usage drops, start adding things back a few at a time and see what is causing the problem(s).
  7. busydog

    Can't install Security Update for Windows 7 (KB979683)

    You're not alone.....Try this link and plan on spending quite a bit of time resolving the problem. You cannot install some updates or programs
  8. busydog

    Running Windows7 - tried to run an 'upgrade' to repair an issue - now frozen on 'Starting Windows'

    This may be a bit draconian but you can always use the Win7 Boot Disk to do an install (clean, not upgrade) on top of the existing partition. It will save all of your data in a file called windows.old but you will have to reinstall your apps. At least you can use your computuer again.
  9. busydog

    Setup repair cannot repair this computer automatically

    Time to insert ye old system disk and do a repair from there. You may to go through the cycle more than once.
  10. busydog

    Delete active system partition

    Assuming you have SATA Drives, I would disconnect the 500g (D) and see if you can boot to the smaller drive (C). If you can't you are going to have to rely on booting to the system disk and doing a system repair. With the 500g drive disconnected, you should repair the smaller drive making it...
  11. busydog

    Running Windows7 - tried to run an 'upgrade' to repair an issue - now frozen on 'Starting Windows'

    This might be video related. If so, you might want to consider a previous post that had a solution...
  12. busydog

    Thinking of reinstall

    BootItNG or Acronis (Drive Manager) will both do what you want to do. You are imaging with these utilities and do not have to reinstall. (BootItNG has a trial -- get to either by Googling.)
  13. busydog

    Windows 7 fails to recognize DVD+R, CDs in drive

    Can you boot to a CD/DVD in DOS? You failed to mention if this is an IDE or SATA Drive. You might have issues in your BIOS with a SATA Drive or maybe wrong jumper setting with an IDE Drive.
  14. busydog

    RAM Question

    If you mean your BIOS boot screen only shows 6 gig of memory then I wouldn't expect Win7 to access more than 6 gig. Have you tried reseating your memory, swapping memory sticks, etc.?
  15. busydog

    Occasional crashes - Windows 7 64 bit

    If removing your USBs doesn't fix the problem, use MSCONFIG to remove all 3rd party programs from running at startup and disable all non-Microsoft Services at startup. If you don't crash for awhile, you can try adding them back a few at a time. There are a few programs and services that can...
  16. busydog

    Occasional crashes - Windows 7 64 bit

    The two most likely causes of a random crash are memory and bad hard drive sectors. Run a DOS-boot memory scan to check for bad memory (Google for a program to create a bootable ISO) and use Tools under your C-Drive (from My Computer) to run a chkdsk with repair of bad sectors.
  17. busydog

    No speakers or headphones are plugged in

    1st, ignore the 1394 exclamation mark... has nothing to do with your problem. You didn't say where you got the audio drivers. Do you have an exclamation mark by your audio drivers in Device Manager? If not, you may have a hardware problem. Anyway, try removing the audio drivers and letting...
  18. busydog

    importing outlook express files in to outlook in win7

    If Outlook can't open your OE Store, Thunderbird might.
  19. busydog

    importing outlook express files in to outlook in win7

    Try importing to Thunderbird and then exporting to Outlook.
  20. busydog

    video driver updating

    Your BIOS probably would allow you to add a PCI or PCI Express Video Card (depending on your MOBO) and use that as the default video. There are some very inexpensive Video Cards around that would certainly give you 256 or 512 meg of video RAM and solve your problem.