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  1. busydog

    Stop Auto-Driver Installation

    If you've ever wanted to install another device driver and windows keeps re-installing the current driver, this article is for you Make Vista and Windows 7 Stop Automatically Installing Drivers for you! :cool:
  2. busydog

    Disappearing Icons -- M$ Explains

    Windows 7 RTM Eats Desktop Shortcuts Link Removed - Invalid URLRTM can eat up some of the desktop shortcuts created by end users, Microsoft explained. Customers running the latest iteration of the Windows client have reported that in certain scenarios shortcuts that they placed on the...
  3. busydog

    Reset Windows 7 Password?

    Has anyone found a link to a free boot disk to reset windows 7 passwords?:confused:
  4. busydog

    Possible Cause of Windows 7 Crashing

    From Microsoft..... Windows 7 RTM Explorer Crashes when Connecting Wireless LAN From the tray icon By Link Removed - Invalid URL 8th of January 2010, 12:13 GMT Adjust text size: Link Removed - Invalid URL Link Removed - Invalid URL...
  5. busydog

    Great Win7 Diagnostics Utility

    WhoCrashed has been updated to include Windows 7! It gives detailed information on what caused a crash. Get it at WhoCrashed Explains Why Your Windows PC Crashed - Troubleshooting - Lifehacker :p
  6. busydog

    Dimension E520 Freezing on Internet Access

    I have experienced repeated crashes after a Win7 X32 Retail installation on a Dell Dimension E520. This occurs when trying to open IE or Firefox to access the internet. The crashes even occasionally occur when I try to access the Ethernet Driver in Device Manager. Anyone else seen this...
  7. busydog

    ZoneAlarm Out of Beta

    In case you have missed it, ZoneAlarm Free 9.0 is out of beta and can be downloaded at MajorGeeks and other sites. My test drive of it so far has indicated that it is working unobtrusively.:p
  8. busydog

    Windows Explorer Restarting

    I am experiencing random (but usually associated with a right-mouse click) restarting of Windows Explorer. This is occurring in the 64 bit version of the RTM release. Anyone else having this problem and/or has found a fix?:frown:
  9. busydog

    Explorer Restarting

    On two separate RTM installations, if I right-click on icons often enough (no set number of times) during the course of a session, I get the error message that explorer is restarting. It doesn't usually affect what is running but it is a pain to see the icons disappear and reappear. Is anyone...
  10. busydog

    Upgrade w/Full Version Doesn't Work

    I tried upgrading a Home Premium Installation with a Professional Technet Disk and found that it deferred to an Any Time Upgrade that had to be purchased separately (with an Anytime Upgrade Key). Has anyone found a way to upgrade with a Full Version Disk?
  11. busydog

    How to Upgrade RC to RTM

    This might be worthy of a sticky From keznews...... How to Upgrade Windows 7 RC/Beta to Windows 7 RTM 1. Mount Windows 7 RTM Build 7600 ISO and Extract content to any folder or USB drive 2. Now go to Sources folder of Windows 7 and open “cversion.iniâ€Â￾ file in notepad 3...
  12. busydog

    Server Problems NOT Fixed

    I am still seeing numerous "Server Busy" problems and very slow transfer to sub-forum links. I assume I'm the only one (7 MBps DSL and QuadCore Duo Homebrew). Am I assuming wrong?:confused:
  13. busydog

    Microsoft Warning against Piracy

    Microsoft warns about activation crack, but 'pleased' people want to install Windows 7 By Tim Conneally and Nate Mook | Published July 29, 2009, 6:20 PM Print Article E-mail Article 31 Comments As to be expected, Microsoft...
  14. busydog

    August 6 -- Win7 on TechNet!

    Link Removed due to 404 Error
  15. busydog

    6.1.7600.16385 is Gold

    WZOR says that it has been signed off as RTM.
  16. busydog

    Windows 7 Available September 1st

    From Windows 7 Available on September 1, 2009 And even earlier, only weeks after RTM By Link Removed - Invalid URL 14th of July 2009, 15:51 GMT Adjust text size: Link Removed - Invalid URL Link Removed - Invalid URL...
  17. busydog

    Virus in X86 Win7 Download

    In case you see this available on a torrent.. 7600.16384.090710-1945_x86fre_client_zh-cn_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULFRER_CN_DVD.iso Microsoft.Windows.7.RTM.Build.7600.x86.CN.DVD-GETLINUXROX Don't waste your time downloading it, there is a virus payload in the setup.exe file.
  18. busydog

    So Much for an RC Upgrade

    M$ has laid down the rules..... upgrading from an activated RC to RTM will not carry your programs and settings over. Microsoft confirms Windows 7 RC upgrade rules by Link Removed due to 404 Error, posted Jul 14th 2009 at 11:23AM Link Removed due to 404 Error As October 22nd hastily...
  19. busydog

    Apparently RTM'ed Yesterday

    From WZOR..... КУРЬЕЗ: В стенограмму выступления Билла Вигге вкралась как оказалось маленькая опечатка, вроде так даже и пустячная, но зато насколько значимая: Link Removed due to 404 Error Link Removed due to 404 Error
  20. busydog

    7600 is RTM -- My Proof

    With perhaps a sub-build still coming, I content 7600 is RTM. Here is my thinking.... 1) WINVER shows no expiration date.... all previous builds have had an expiration date. 2) No watermark. All previous builds have had a watermark. 3) Previous RC serials don't work (although 7264 also fits...