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    HP2200 LaserJet drivers

    I notice the "generic" HP2200 drivers don't allow me to set the printer's memory to in excess of 512MB of RAM & also don't allow for my additional 500-sheet paper tray which sits beneath the printer. Great printer BTW. It replaces my HP5L which I rebuilt twice over a 12 year period before...
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    Winmail Live - strange behaviour

    Firstly I am glad to find I can switch Messenger off & use Winmail Live as a normal email client with my emails archived on a local drive. I was beginning to think from the write-ups that I might have to use a 3rd party email client instead. Anyhow, if I select my font size & then apply...
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    Coloured Menu Bar in Start Menu

    Hi, I have a 2nd Windows 7 Ultimate computer I'm building for my daughter. Problem is a coloured menu bar in the Start Menu which I can't get rid of. The pic is attached. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks :)