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    How do I change how dialog boxes and program windows open?

    I've just begun using Win 7 and notice all dialog boxes, program windows, etc, open and close like a Mac with an animated action, not like older windows when they'd just appear on the screen. Is there any way to change this animated movement in Win 7? UPDATE: I just figured it out by going into...
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    Importing Win Mail custom folders into Outlook?

    I've been running Vista for a couple years and just experienced a major crash requiring a new drive and starting over with Win 7. I was using Windows Mail with Vista and created several custom folders with important info and need to somehow get these folders into Outlook, which is what I'll...
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    Vista theme changed automatically!

    I've been running Vista Home Premium, SP1, and Live One Care for about a year and has been very stable with no odd happenings....until today. My system normally goes through an auto tune-up once a week but that's set for Sundays in the early morning hours. Today is Friday and when I came into my...
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    Verify and repair disk operation on reboot when system shut down after hanging up

    I recently had a new system built running a RAID array using two WD 250GB SATA drives, Vista Home Premium, Intel duo core 3.1GHz processor, 4GB mem, ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard. I was trying an ATI Radeon HD 4670 video card and when installing the Vista drivers, the system froze and I had to shut...
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    Arial Narrow font not showing up after going to Vista

    I'm a graphic designer and have been through many iterations of Windows over the years and Arial Narrow font has always been available in all programs...Photoshop, Pagemaker, In Design, Word, etc. However, after a recent major crash of my Win XP Pro system that affected the motherboard, I was...