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    How can I boot up without typing in my pin or anything else?

    I just want to log into Windows automatically without typing in an ything
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    How to remove an e-mail address from my laptop pc

    I can't log into my e-mail address on my laptop because I let my wife enter her e-mail on my pc to use it. She did this because she couldn't perform some important functions on her phone. The pc 's OS is Windows 10 Pro and the browser is Firefox
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    Making Settings work

    I recently bought a Dell Latitude E5430 laptop with Windows 10 pro and connected it to my Canon PIXMA MG2522 multifunction printer with an updated driver. I downloaded some documents and clicked on print but when the screen asked me where to print. the printer was NOT one of the three choices. I...
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    Highlite Si! Copy Si! Paste Nada!

    I can highlight and copy, but no matter where I try to paste the highlighted text, it doesn't do its paste job. How can I correct this?