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  1. jeradw

    ntoskrnl.exe blue screen

    Looks like there was on error on DIMM slot 3. I ended up replacing the RAM with two new sticks (not in slot 3) just to be sure. I also upgraded his BIOS to the latest version and updraged the chipset drivers. Now I get to play the waiting game to see if it comes back again. :rolleyes...
  2. jeradw

    System PC Model in MSDOS

    Here's my idea: I put in a USB key, it boots into DOS, determines which model the PC is, and runs the corresponding BIOS update. I have everything setup except for the "determines which model the PC is" part. Right now I just have a system of menus to keyboard through, but I would like to...
  3. jeradw

    Sad day for SETI

    Thats too bad...wish I had a couple of million to donate.
  4. jeradw

    Transferring Photos on Photobucket

    I assumed it was from one Photobucket account to another.
  5. jeradw

    ntoskrnl.exe blue screen

    Thanks Cybercore - I will stop over by the user this afternoon and move the RAM to different slots to rule out a bad motherboard slot. If that doesnt work, I will replace the RAM. While I'm in there, I will check to make sure the sticks are of the same type (should be, its a PC from Dell - and...
  6. jeradw

    ntoskrnl.exe blue screen

    I have a user that has been getting this blue screen every couple of weeks. Seems to be random. Any ideas guys? ******************************************************************************* * * *...
  7. jeradw

    SDHC card not detected in card reader!

    :/ Actually I was being serious. We have some card readers here in the office that do not support SDHC. I figured it would be a good first step.
  8. jeradw

    SDHC card not detected in card reader!

    Does a normal SD card work on your reader? Some card readers dont support SDHC.
  9. jeradw

    Mood Test

    I just want to see the different moods... :redface:
  10. jeradw

    Screenshot corner

    I do...I just play them on Xbox360. ;)
  11. jeradw

    Turn off monitor on shutdown?

    I can definitely appreciate what the OP is trying to do here. One of our policies is powering off PCs at the end of the night, but there are so many users who continue to leave their PCs on. Not only is it important for users to receive updates if we push something out via GPO/LoginScript - but...
  12. jeradw

    Corrupt icons? help please..

    Yes - I would also recommend rebuilding the icon cache! :D
  13. jeradw

    Windows 7 Submit your desktop!

    I dont really have much to background cycles every minute from Digital Blasphemy. I also like to have 0 icons on the desktop. :D
  14. jeradw

    Windows 7 Submit your desktop!

    Obviously confused...Easy Worship 2007 paired next to Counter Strike and Modern Warfare. :P I tease.. :)
  15. jeradw

    IE8 settings lost after shutdown...

    Which settings are you referring to? Home page? Security settings?
  16. jeradw

    Syncing Folder Between Drives

    Are you using this for backup purposes? A good utility for transferring files from one place to another is robocopy, and its free! I would setup a scheduled task to run a robocopy script on a frequency that you prefer. Utility Spotlight: Robocopy GUI Robocopy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  17. jeradw

    Autocompleting my email address

    Are you referring to forms that you would fill out on websites for your email address? Does it work for any of your other information?
  18. jeradw


    Could you log in as someone else? Seeing as though it was Current User, maybe its just your profile that was messed up. Can you create a new profile for yourself?
  19. jeradw


    Could you maybe try a System Restore? Nevermind.... :tongue:
  20. jeradw

    Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Issues

    Arrrr...that was a mighty good writeup! :)