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  1. olat

    Windows 10 USB Hub Safely Remove Device (Eject Device) Issue

    Hello! I got a new Type - C USB Hub with 4 3.0 ports. The hub works great, but the problem is that once I try to safely remove (eject) one of the USB devices, all of them get disconnected. Furthermore, once I do that, I can't connect any devices again until I restart the PC. They do power up...
  2. olat

    Ethernet only works after reboot (every other time)

    Hello! I was having some trouble with my built-in NIC where internet would disconnect randomly, so I went and purchased a dedicated network card. This card does not have the same issue, my connection is stable and does not drop, but it does not work at all the first time I turn on my PC. In...
  3. olat

    Internet stops working randomly until I restart the device

    Hello Team! I'm experiencing a really frustrating issue on my Windows 10 PC. I lose internet access randomly during the day on my wired connection (Wi-Fi works just fine). When this happens, the internet icon in the lower right corner remains the same, shows "Internet Access" and I get no...
  4. olat

    Sound pauses every time monitor goes to or wakes from sleep

    Hi, I have an issue where sound stop whenever my monitor goes to sleep or back. For example, I'm listening to some stone cold heavy metal on Spotify, screen goes to sleep, sound stops for 2-3 seconds, then comes back. When I move my mouse or press a key on my keyboard to wake up the monitor...
  5. olat

    Windows Explorer crashes (and restarts) after waking up from sleep every time

    Hello! Windows Explorer crashes on my desktop every time I wake the PC from sleep. It starts up again after 2-3 seconds, but some of my taskbar icons disappear (like FX Sound Enhancer, AMD Adrenaline etc.). I am not sure if this started happening after an update or not, but as far as I can...
  6. olat

    Can't update Windows 10 - "Some settings are managed by your organization"

    Hello guys. Recently I've been having issues updating my Windows 10 machine. Last night I successfully updated to version 1809, but this morning when I checked if there were any new updates available I received the following message: I also have this message showing me that my feature...