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    Remote Desktop Connection TimeOut

    To prevent Remote Desktop Conenction from being timeout, I think there are 2 ways to keep RDP session alive. The first one is adjust the time limit in Group Policy Editor. The other one is add a registr key KeepAliveEnable. For the concrete steps, you can read this post Top 2 Ways to Keep RDP...
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    VPN connection drops instantly after connection

    Hello friend, if your issue still persists? For the future help, you can try to disable UDP in Local Group Policy and then connect again to see whether the issue has gone. Navaigation: Computer Configuration > Administration Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote...
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    Unable to find Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant in Windows 10

    Remote Desktop is used to control other's PC and the remote PC will be locked. But if you use Remote Assistance, the one in front of the remote PC can see what's happening on his or her PC. This post is about the conparison between thwm. Hope it can help you. Remote Assistance VS Remote Desktop...
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    Unable to find Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant in Windows 10

    I search Remote Assistance, and then I found it is called "Invite someone..."
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    RemoteDesktop suddenly refuse login of Administrator account

    So are you still encountering the error? To fix the issue, you need to have the right as a local administrator. Here is a post about the solutions: To Sign in Remotely, You Need the Right to Sign in Through Remote Desktop Services [Fixed]