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    best install procedure to dual boot w/XP

    Working on an older Dell desktop for a friend of my son. It was her Mom's and she had it passed on to her. She usually uses a Mac but has been using this Dell because it has Office and Quickbooks on it for her businesses (she does home cleaning and also photography). Anyway she brought it to...
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    Windows 8 Media Center stutters & freezes

    Just installed Win8 Pro and bought the Media Center add on. I run an i7-3770k, 16Gb ram, GTX 780 3Gb video card and have 2 25" monitors. Now when I play a game on display 1 and have Media Center running Live TV on display 2, Media Center stutters, freezes. As soon as I close the game on...
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    fail to load sortbls.nlp error after Windows Update froze

    Yeah tried that, didn't fix it. Ended up just reinstalling Windows. Sam
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    fail to load sortbls.nlp error after Windows Update froze

    Ran Windows Update on wife's computer today (Biostar A75-MH mobo, AMD A8-3850, 8Gb DDR3-1600, 64Gb Samsung 830 SSD boot drive, Win7 x64) and upon restart it froze at 35% installing the updates. After it did nothing for 30 min I rebooted. It boots to the desktop but with an error box saying...
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    Why does muting sound in Live TV mute all Windows sound?

    Why when watching Live TV in media center does muting the sound there mute all of Windows sounds? Would like to be able to mute TV sound, use close captions but still have windows sound function for other programs. Sam
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    Pale Moon and Safefox web browser alternatives to Firefox made only for Windows.

    Minefield is the 64-bit beta of Firefox. Sam
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    Installed SSD - Ended up with Dual Boot situation ... Not what I wanted

    I just installed a SSD and what I did was make a backup image of my C: partition (which is the one I have Win 7 one) to another partition on my hard drive ( I used Acronis), then shut down, put the SSD in, booted from hard drive, restored image to the SSD, shut down, took out hard drive, booted...
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    10 Reasons Why SSDs Are Better Than Mechanical Disks

    Seagate's Momentus XT drives are the only ones I know of. 2.5" form factor, one review I read said notebook drive power usage with velociraptor drive speeds. sam
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    Wireless Keyboard Doesn't Work For Windows Error Recovery Screen

    I always have a PS2 or USB wired keyboard on hand as wireless adapters are not always picked up. Comes in handy. Sam
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    10 Reasons Why SSDs Are Better Than Mechanical Disks

    I just added an OCZ Agility2 120Gb SSD as my boot drive. I was fortunate to get it for $149 (Newegg had it on sale, I had just received a 20% off any SSD coupon from them and it also had a $20 rebate). Have Win7 x64 and a few apps on it. Win7 loads in about 10 secs, apps load almost instantly. Sam
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    8600GT No AeroPeek & No record on dxdiag?

    Also try here-a good site for video card drivers and discussion forums download from Sam
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    8600GT No AeroPeek & No record on dxdiag?

    So what exactly is your problem? Sam
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    Win 7 shows much lower Wireless N speed than XP

    Found what the issue was. The security had to be changed from TKIP to AES. Once I did that speed went up to 270mb/s. Sam
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    IPv4 & IPv6 no internet connection in Windows 7

    If you can connect via wireless try uninstalling the hardwired Ethernet device, letting Windows re-find it and install drivers. Then run update driver for that device to see if a newer one is available. Then try plugging in the cable and see if it connects. Sam
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    HD5850 no widescreen desktop in XP?

    I got it to work. I had posted over on the AMD site and got a reply about Underscan/Overscan being the control. Now I am using the new Catalyst 10.2 (driver vr 8.07.2). One of the menus is DTV (DVI)4. Open that and the 3rd option down is Scaling Options. Clicked that and got a slider for...
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    HD5850 no widescreen desktop in XP?

    Just replaced a GeForce 9800GTX+ with an ATI HD5850. Dual boot XP x86 and Win 7x64. Monitor is a HannsG HH251 25" LCD. In Win 7 the screen is filled. In XP however the screen isn't (has black border all the way around about 1 inch). Resolution and refresh are set correctly (1920x1080 60Hz)...
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    Windows 7 Games that Work and Games that Don't.

    Yes it's an old game but Links 2003 is a yes AND no under Win 7. Yes with ATI (and some older nVidia) video cards. No with newer nVidia 9xxx and 2xx series cards. There is a 3D issue with the drivers. nVidia is aware of it, not known if they will get it fixed. I have to boot into XP to play it...
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    Win 7 shows much lower Wireless N speed than XP

    Yeah have been running 1.65 since it was released. Supposedly 1.7 is due out soon, already out in Japan from what I read on Buffalo's forum. Sam
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    Win 7 shows much lower Wireless N speed than XP

    On my home network I have 4 computers (2-wired, 2-wireless N) thru a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH. Both wireless adapters (pcmcia card in laptop, PCI card in desktop) are Ralink RT2860 based. The laptop sits about 15 feet from the router. The desktop is in a front upstairs bedroom (about 30 feet...
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    Serious install help.....

    OK was your computer assembled by Newegg from components you purchased there or was it a pre-made system? Either way what is the tech support for the system? Through Newegg? A 3rd party? A poster asked if you have contacted Newegg (or who provides the support for the system)? Have you? Most...