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  1. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 Virus...

    This came from part of a HiJackThis log.... Hosts- (this is not the address, I will not give real link because it hyperlinks directly to infection) (There are multiple addresses linking to these browser HiJacks, I'm only showing one) This seem to be some...
  2. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 Free MS Essentials released

    this is the Anti-virus dubbed morro I believe...if any of you want it is. Please post with results.... Link Removed due to 404 Error if any of you feel like testing this, there is a sythetic research test sample virus called eicar. If you want to see if Morro works then try it...
  3. kevin from Chi-town

    DD WRT on WRT54G

    I flashed my Linksys wrt54g to use dd-wrt firmware. The advanced routing functions of DD WRT are amazing. However, I'm not so sure about the transmission rate. The default tx rate is 70. I've read in the past that excessive tx rates will cook the router. But I need to turn up this rate to...
  4. kevin from Chi-town

    Safari Review.... too much RAM.......

    In my search for a decent browser, I thought I'd try Safari. Apples assertion that i opens web pages faster is a bit deceiving. They're probably talking about the 12 pages that they have open at once! Collectively they take up around 250mb of RAM on this x86 Compaq C700 laptop. This is a...
  5. kevin from Chi-town

    Pos ie 8

    I've been using multiple browsers throughout my testing of Win 7, and and come to the conclusion that so many of you have; and that is IE 8 is a real piece of crap. It has gotten to the point where it just doesn't work. Unfortunately, I need Explorer to log onto my MS account to properly utilize...
  6. kevin from Chi-town

    Bizaar wireless reception

    Laptop....Compaq presario C700 pentium dual core T2370 @ 1.73 GHz.....2.5 gigs pc 5400 RAM, Win 7 v 7100. Receiving wild fluctuations in the reception of the wireless network. This is happening only to this notebook, and everything simple has been tryed (reboot cable modem...
  7. kevin from Chi-town

    whats a good dvd copying software

    recommendations please.....The nero I just tryed (6_) wont work
  8. kevin from Chi-town

    Linksys Users...

    here is a link to something called driver detective if you are having difficulties with your connection. Now while I don't usually recommend 3rd party applications for drivers, this may be helpful for those who are ready to toss in the towel. Download Linksys wireless card drivers
  9. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 Win 7 gmail notifier app plug-in

    for those who use G-Mail.... Link Removed due to 404 Error
  10. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 Microsoft Touch Pack for Win 7

    All you need is the multi-touch pc Introducing the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 - Windows 7 Team Blog - The Windows Blog
  11. kevin from Chi-town

    What Spyware Software Do You use?

    Just a non-scientific poll on what people are using . Any specific reasons (like when Webroot delisted 180solutions) would be helpful. This does not include HJT, Autoruns, or CWShredder since they should be used by all anyway
  12. kevin from Chi-town


    I came across this in my system 32 folder. I'm aware that there is a program looking throoughout your lan that uses visual basic. I also came across a site that says this is a virus. Is the anyone else that has this on their x86 OS ?
  13. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 Battlefield 2

    tryed installing BF2, and the installation went fine until after disk 3. After that...the contents of the EA folder just disappeared. No clue where they went. When it asked for disk 3 there was 1.8 gig in the EA folder....and then gone after 3 finished.....any clues? Intel dual core 1.7 gh...
  14. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 Duke Nukem?

    Has anyone tryed to get the Dukester going on 7?:D
  15. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 What Version is RC?

    I've been away for a few weeks, and am flat out too lazy to look on my own. I'm downloading as i write, ;)
  16. kevin from Chi-town

    Nice to see the forum back....

    overloaded due to RC?:o
  17. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 Win 7 RC expiration date

    This is from Microsoft " Shutdown Schedule for Windows 7 Beta and Windows 7 RC To avoid interruption, it’s recommended that you and your customers rebuild test machines by using a valid Windows operating system before Windows 7 Beta and Windows 7 RC expire. Windows will automatically...
  18. kevin from Chi-town

    Windows 7 Windows 7 vulnerabilty or good thing...

    Researcher show how to take control of a pc w/win 7 upon boot. Interesting article. Link Removed due to 404 Error However I see this is a different way. Since the administrator has a finite number of rights and "system" is root, well then one could use this to have full control of your pc...
  19. kevin from Chi-town

    Does anyone want any server racks?

    been trying to get rid of these for a few. I live on the south side...and have no use for them. You'll have to make arrangements to have them picked up. I will post a pic of them in a few...they must be gone asap. PM if you do..Forum seniority counts for"this limited time offer!"
  20. kevin from Chi-town

    Now what?

    I've just wiped the 32 bit win 7 off of the test pc...partitioning 200 gig for 64 bit Vista on a dual boot. Should I.... 1. reload 64 bit win 7 v 7000 2. wait for the rc 3. go out drinking and forget about all of lifes worries!