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  1. Ciara


    Happy Birthday Trouble, hope you have a great day ... XXX
  2. Ciara

    Images ?

    And now my profile pic has gone missing ... :rolleyes:
  3. Ciara

    Windows 7 Microsoft Safety Scanner

    Just tried Microsoft Safety Scanner and I'm impressed, runs on 32 & 64-bit OS and its configurable also its standalone (Note: only lasts 10 days, then you need to download it again as to update of its anti-malware definitions. I think its great as a second opinion ... it is not a replacement for...
  4. Ciara

    The rhyme game

    Post a word that rhymes with the previous one, No double posting, if there is no rhyming word for a word ~ start on a new word Start ~ Cat
  5. Ciara

    GFX Artists : Ciara's Work

    Any members who would like to have a Forum Signature made please post your request here >
  6. Ciara

    Whats Your Weather Like !

    I thought it may be of interest to see what members Weather is like as apart from being the best Windows 7 Forum we are also world wide, and the information may help other members in your aria :) Here were I live the South England its Summer and quite warm and we are expecting thunder storms...
  7. Ciara

    GFX Team : Forum Member Badges

    GFX Team work on the Forum member badges started today, myself and Richard will be designing the graphics and if any other members of the Team would like to help ? ... We are not quite sure on size as yet but I'm doing the badge and Richard is working on the text ... my first thought >
  8. Ciara

    Windows 7 Custom Wallpapers

    In this thread members may like to post Wallpapers they have made also the GFX Team is happy to take requests for a custom Wallpaper :) As a SiFi movie fan this is one I made and please feel free it use it if you wish :) Alien_Cave
  9. Ciara

    What age category do you fall into ?

    Myself and a friend were wondering the age factors of windows7forums registered members like how many teenagers, junior, senior members there are, please vote and leave any comments below.
  10. Ciara

    Site Problems ?

    I'm getting PMs pop up that I have already looked at, and according to the main page I'm not logged in ? also in PMs I get the translator kick in and I end up posting in French :confused: are ther being upgrades or something being done ? Im already logged in >
  11. Ciara

    GFX Team : Admin/Mods Sig

    We have the go ahead to submit a (thats one) sample to Admin as alterations my be needed so in this thread lets get some ideas together :), myself I think the Sig should be sophisticated and clean looking as befitting the Admin / Mod rank. The Forum logo will be a part of the Sig (and I have...
  12. Ciara

    Marmite love it or hate it

    I'm just wondering what members think to Marmite ?, myself I love it on toast :p Please vote in the poll :)
  13. Ciara

    GFX Team : Posting GFX Images

    Anything and every thing posted in the GFX group must comply with the Windows 7 Forum posting rules and guidelines. posting rules and guidelines > Windows 7 Forums FAQ Ciara - GFX Team
  14. Ciara

    GFX Team : Paint.Net Tutorials

    Paint.Net Download > Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing In this thread I will be posting a number of tutorials on Paint.Net, this freeware application has the capability to produce high quality graphics and effects many of witch can be found to top GFX software like Adobe CS5...
  15. Ciara

    GFX Team : GFX Team Advisor

    I am happy to announce that the GFX Team now has a Advisor (alfred01) who has a good knowledge of what looks good and what does not, I value alfredo1's judgement and have asked him (what do you think) many times knowing I will receive a honest answer and sound suggestions. Ciara
  16. Ciara

    GFX Team : Applications to GFX Team

    The procedure at the moment is applicants are moderated ( I click accept or not accepted) but I feel the Team should have its say in who is accepted or not, maybe a vote by all GFX members or a majority decision before an applicant is accepted is call for ?, would GFX Members please post your...
  17. Ciara

    A Thank You

    To Captain Jack who made GFX Request possible and it was his very good idea :cool: From Ciara and the GFX Team Link > Link Removed - Invalid URL
  18. Ciara

    Problems with posting

    This started about an hour ago I think ... Smileys in posts and PMs have stopped working (click on a smiley and nothing happens) also language editor keeps changing the posts ... tried editing but it reverts back ? Ciara
  19. Ciara

    GFX Team : Team Logo

    If any Members would like to make a new team logo please do and post them here :)
  20. Ciara

    GFX Team : Pictures

    All the Pictures I have uploaded to GFX Team are free for any one to use ... enjoy :p