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  1. raya2

    Whats the difference between "Encoding" & "Decoding"?

    In terms of digital video converting, Whats the difference between "Encoding" & "Decoding"? (With example)
  2. raya2

    SteelSeries Stratus Controller in Windows

    I have one of these gamepads: SteelSeries Stratus Bluetooth Gamepad It works without problem with iOs devices but I can't pair it with windows. I tried it with windows 7 &...
  3. raya2

    Extract Urls from Multiple links

    I just want to Extract Urls from Multiple links. I searched by google and found some online extractors like website below. But unfortunately they can only extract a link at a time. Is there any website or software that can extract Urls from Multiple links (for example 1000 links) at the same...
  4. raya2

    Memory Usage Goes Up Gradually (Memory Leak)

    Memory Usage Goes Up Gradually (Memory Leak) When I starting the Windows (in the first few hours) everything is normal But after 1 day or 2 (sooner or later) the amount of available memory gradually goes down and the physical memory usage increasing. This increasing, continues until the memory...