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  1. bassfisher6522

    OBS Streaming in Low quality

    It's your PC's a big bottleneck. You need a minimum of a 4Gb GPU and at least a 4th gen CPU if going intel. Scroll down 3/4 of the page to the requirements. That said, check your mobo for any driver updates/chipset and...
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    So what's the difference between the 2 versions? In that link there's the 3.38.61 and then the 4.9.350. Is the 4 series a beta or the new replacement?
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    VIDEO Can you use an AIO liquid cooler with NO Fans?

    Now that was a cool experiment.
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    VIDEO Washing 12 Motherboards with WATER and Attempting to Fix them - (Can YES Fix it Pt. 1/2)

    Holy crap have long hair! Welcome to the club.
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    How to find out if a certain USB flash drive supports USB 3.0 or 3.1 or only 2.0?

    Yes....that means that the USB port on the laptop is backwards compatible. All USB ports are backwards compatible and they will all work. USB speeds are color coded: White is generally 1.0, Red/Black is generally 2.0, Blue is generally 3.0. Then you have the variant USB 3.0 port types that...
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    KB4598291 won't install

    Your not the only one getting that error or similar errors. That said....I took the leap and installed it. Not an issue for me......but that's on a custom build not a OEM PC.
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    i cant update windows and when i try and download something online it says i need to update windows, help

    Open up a CMD prompt or powershell prompt as a admin and input this: "sfc /scannow" with out the quotes and then hit enter.
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    Windows 8 Install nreb

    Are you sure you're using the right 32 bit vs 64 bit? You can still upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 for free.....from here. Just click on the update now button.
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    Spoofing GPU to run a high end game.

    BTW....I'm a member over there.
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    Spoofing GPU to run a high end game.

    What type of GPU are you using? Over at's some guys that do alternative BIOS to some GPU's that increases performance of the card. I'm not into that sort of thing but it might be worth a look over there. That's all them guys/gals do over there......hence the name. They...
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    Windows 10 Privacy apps.

    No, not true....there is software that can disable cameras (web cams) and mics. You can do in windows 10 OS....disable it....which is software.
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    Windows 10 Strange beeping noise.

    What's the pattern?
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    Where did my sound go?

    That's good.....but just keep in mind....that those drivers are not specifically for your mobo's audio. Meaning that those drivers were not tested for it to see if there were any kinds of issues. Granted that 90% of the time the do work. It's always best to get drivers from mobo mfg. As for...
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    Wi-Fi Adapter

    Is your printer capable of wireless printing? What's the make/model of your printer? If you don't want to post any of the requested information.....most likely nobody will be able to help you.
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    Wi-Fi Adapter

    No....printing has nothing to do with wifi. If your issues is actually the wifi.....then the first step would be to try an update the driver/software that came with the wifi adapter. In order to do that we need the brand/make/model of the adapter. Next; what type of PC do you have that the...
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    Why is clicking FireFox Home a problem??

    You might want to post in linux ubuntu forum as this is a windows forum. Regardless that there is a sub topic Linux'd be better served going to a true Linux forum.
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    Where did my sound go?

    You can't update through have to go to (since this is a custom build) the mobo mfg web support page for the latest drivers. If your not willing to do that.....I can't help.
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    Where did my sound go?

    Where did you look? With out knowing what PC you have and model....OEM, custom build or laptop.......we can't point you in the right direction.
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    Where did my sound go?

    When looking for updated drivers.....never depend on Windows to tell you so. Always go to the mfg web site for the latest drivers as those will be the latest WHQL drivers. So if you have a PC that's an OEM....HP, Dell, then go to there support web page. If a custom built, go to each hardware...
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    Download speed is half of upload speed

    Just a FYI: When using mixed matched pairs like that.......the speed (mhz) defaults to the lowest. That said; You might want to look at the timings of each matched pair and if those are not the same then this can certainly cause issues on the hardware side. And maybe the underlying cause of your...