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  1. jeradw

    System PC Model in MSDOS

    Here's my idea: I put in a USB key, it boots into DOS, determines which model the PC is, and runs the corresponding BIOS update. I have everything setup except for the "determines which model the PC is" part. Right now I just have a system of menus to keyboard through, but I would like to...
  2. jeradw

    ntoskrnl.exe blue screen

    I have a user that has been getting this blue screen every couple of weeks. Seems to be random. Any ideas guys? ******************************************************************************* * * *...
  3. jeradw

    Mood Test

    I just want to see the different moods... :redface:
  4. jeradw

    Internet Explorer 8 - New Tab (Connecting...)

    Hello all! I am seeing this strange behavior on a couple of our computers. All of the installs are with Windows 7 Enterprise and they have been "clean" installed. I can try to open up a link via a new tab using the middle mouse button, or the right-click menu, but tabs just sits at...
  5. jeradw

    Change Permissions on Multiple Folders

    Does anyone know of a way to change the permissions on multiple folders? I am able to change them if I select each folder individually, but changing permissions on multiple folders doesn't seem to work. I have also noticed this with Server 2008 as well. I am logged in as the local admin on...
  6. jeradw

    Missing Network Drives

    Every now and then I will "lose" all of my network drives. Ending explorer.exe and reloading it always fixes the problem. Does it forget about my drives or something?! :o I have seen this once before in my life with XP, but since moving to 7, it has been a semi-regular occurrence (once a week...