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    Import files in Outlook 2010?

    Great choice of tool for migration from Thunderbird to Windows Outlook. However you can easily import the convert file into Outlook 2010 following these steps: Click File > Open & Export > Import/Export. This starts the Import and Export Wizard. Choose Import from another program or file...
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    Import Entourage Archive files in Outlook 2013

    There are similar threads online for Moving Mac Entourage to Outlook in Windows, a couple of them are listed below, have a look:-
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    Import Thundebird Emails in Outlook 2013

    If Imap Synchronization is taking too long then yu can go for thurd party tools available online. Almost all the tools I found were paid and did the same job. The chepest tool I found was Please have a look. I hope you will find this helpful.
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    Move Outlook mac files to Windows Outlook

    Read Out this Blog, might be helpful in solving your export/import issue:- Convert Outlook Mac Olm file to Pst Directly on Mac
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    How to import Applr Mail Archive files in windows Outlook 2013 ?

    Here a link I found I found might be helpful for your query: Thank you
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    How to export apple mail data to outlook 2010

    You can export each mailbox on the Mac side, but I have read from others that it ends up in a format Outlook cannot read. Well in that case, as you must have seen. there are many third party tools as posted above by our fellow members. Or you can simply search on google for more options: here's...
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    Migrate Entourage emails to Outlook 2010

    If you still have access to Entourage you could import the archive there and then drag&drop folders to the Desktop. This would create Mbox files which you can import into Outlook 2010. However, depending on the amount of mails this could become problematic as Entourage doesn't allow more than...
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    Export Outlook for Mac 2011 mails to Postbox Windows

    Transferring that amount of mails via IMAP will take a lot of time. Better to go with the third party tool, that are fast and easy to use. One of the best tools is suggested by Rohn. To find more tools you can search on google or yahoo. Sample search: Olm to Postbox converter
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    Import Emails (Form Outlook 2011 for Mac to Windows Outlook 2013)

    There are various ways or this problem:- First, Create a IMAP account (GMAIL icloud etc.) add account to 2011 outlook for mac and office for windows Drag emails into a folder on the imap server and then go back to windows and drag the emails from the imap into your email. and your done all your...
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    How to import outlook files in apple mail?

    I found some links having same discussions as yours, might be helpful:-
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    How to export .eml files to windows outlook 2010

    As you have clearly explained that you need to import a folder in outlook that contains .eml files. You will have to first convert these .eml files into .pst that is supported by outlook in windows. Check the following link if it helps:- Convert .eml files into .pst For more options you can...
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    Convert Entourage archive files to .pst file format

    You will probably have more luck with this type of issue in the Microsoft support forums. Or try this link: Entourge to Windows Outlook I hope this helps.
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    Need to Import Emails from Outlook for Mac

    You can try for manual migration method which looks tough to implement but can be done with the consumption of time. Follow these steps: 1. Setup IMAP Mail Account 2. Configure Mac Outlook with IMAP Mail Account 3. Synchronize GMail with Mac Outlook 4. Move Emails to Mailbox of IMAP 5. Transfer...
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    Transfer e-mails & other data to Microsoft Thunderbird (windows)

    Apple’s mbox files are non standard mbox files. Thunderbird cannot import these. Only Apple Mail can read these .mbox files. The easiest way is to have Thunderbird simply import from Apple Mail. It’s unclear what happened when you selected the import directly from Apple Mail. Or you can go for...
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    Ms Office Outlook 2013 Exports

    For migrating from MS outlook to Entourage you need to get your pst files in mbox format & that can be done by importing pst files in thunderbird, it will convert your existing pst files to mbox format. This can be done only you have access to Machine Outlook Installed with. Else You can give a...
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    How to import .eml files in outlook 2007

    Regarding your query I did a research and found a tool that can help you, here the link:- I read in its features that this tool has the capability to convert .eml files into .pst that is the file extension...
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    Mail Migration from Apple mail to .pst Outlook

    If your mail account is configured on both systems as an IMAP account since the mail is on the server, both devices would see the same mail. That doesn’t apply to your Outlook Contacts or presumably apple Contacts Or Try this link : Apple Mail Exports This is a third party tool that...
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    Entourage 2008 mail folders & sub-folders migrate to windows outlook 2010

    See the following links:- I hope you get some useful information.
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    Convert .Olm files and migrate to Outlook 2010 (Windows)

    No extra account method Command A (all messages) hit forward, then depending on the emails may take a while (converts them to .eml) you will see all the emails in the "attached part" right click and hit save all (to disk or usb) go into windows and highlight all the eml files and drag and drop...
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    How to import pst files in

    Import mailboxes:- Mail can import messages from other email apps or messages from mailboxes that you exported using Mail. Choose File > Import Mailboxes. Select the email app you want to import messages from.If you're importing a mailbox exported from Mail, choose Apple Mail. Follow the...