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    Error code: 0xC004C003

    anyone know y am getting this error. I have my key and everthing so I cant figure out what is going on
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    64 bit size

    Amy one know the file size for win 10 64 bit iso. I been down load 64 but keeps installing 32 bit. Want to make sure am getting the 64 bit one. I was on win 7 64bit.
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    Clean install wrong bit

    Ok I did a fresh install and now it is in 32 bit some how it switch to 32 bit when I had 64 bit. Question is how do I get 64 bit back. I try the tool but it will not work that way. Any help would mean a lot thank you.
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    num lock

    Num lock not responding on boot up. I have try all methods on fixing it from restart to reg any help will do.
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    I see people talking about insiders. May I ask what is that? Second question is I have win 7 home pro. What win 10 will I recieve?
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    ok i install avg but now it is telling me i need to reinstall it again but each time i do it is not working and i cant uninstall it can anyone help plz. sorry forget to put in am using 64x wd7 7100