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    Sound doesn't work - "No Audio Output device is installed" - W7 Ultimate (32Bit)

    On my Medion MD 41300 the sound doesn't work ("No Audio Output device is installed" on W7 Ultimate (32Bit). Is there any other way besides the manufacturer's website - MEDION Service - (drivers there doesn't do anything, if I do the right way to try installing them?!?) to solve such a problem...
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    W. XP installation error in the middle - how can I remove W7 from disk on key (USB STICK)

    HI! I tried to install Windows XP 2005 (from an original recovery disc) on an old Laptop (Medion MD 41300, 32 BIT) but it failed due to the fact that it didn't copy a few files (messages while installing). Now I am stuck in between (endless loop). XP tries to boot, but is messaging in between...
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    Windows shows the folder order in an undesirable way by default ...?!?

    Up to lately the folder order was displayed AUTOMATICALLY from A > Z: Now windows always shows the order in reverse order by default (Z > A) ... Why is this, and how can I "set" it again so that it shows automatically (not every time by hand) as described at the beginning ?!? Thanks for...
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    How can one save "gifs" (?!?) from facebook under windows

    In FB there is a morphed image sequence or video file (ultimately don´t know exactly what type of file it is) of an urban building situation (once to now) in Berlin that does not allow a right click ... Log into Facebook | Facebook How can you download such a file please? Thanks for the attention!
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    Windows 10 File search works awfully slow...?!?

    I have a relatively new asus-computer (i7-6700 HQ-CPU, 2,6 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, 64 Bit) + W 10 Home. Suddenly it works really slow, searching files, f.e on both of my external harddrives (each 1,8 TB / each 1,4 TB free). It finds results but sometimes it searches "forever"...?!? Wyh is that so and...
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    How to play forward/backward, stop + jump chapters in ISO-Files/VirtualCloneDrive

    I have installed a BD-ROM Harddrive (virtual) by using VirtualCloneDrive It works just well due to the fact, that I can watch ISO Files. BUT: Is there no way to play forward/backward, jump chapters, stop and play again as if I play a regular DVD on a physical harddrive...