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    Attempting boot from Hard Drive (SSD)

    Sometimes end up booting into automatic repair and then black screen, and some other times it boys into Windows logo indefinitely Is the power not enough for SSD (as when It booted successfully before, it used to randomly get disconnected and I needed to reboot)? Sent from my SM-A715F using...
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    My PC can't install Windows!!

    1 - Any Windows version installation is always stuck at loading files 2 - Tried installing from DVD and USB 3 - RAM and HDD is good Sent from my SM-A715F using Windows Forums mobile app
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    How to uninstall SP1 Manually?

    -SP1 has no entries anywhere, so can't be uninstalled -can't reinstall SP1 again Can I just remove a file or a registry key to make it think i don't have it (so that it overwrites existing files)?
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    All USB Ports are on one Root Hub

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    Restore Overlapped Partitions

    Overlapped by different size I can only recover data and find them with DiskGetor, but can't return the partitions, one of them had Windows installed.
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    Installing deletes partition D:\

    Installing any software deletes a partition and says: Then I can reopen installation and it works (after it deleted the partition) After restarting I can find the partition again...
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    Can't delete "free space" partition!

    I used "AOMEI partition assistant" to shrink a partition, during this "Memory Dump" appeared, when I restarted the PC I found that this partition became locked, I deleted it, and it became free space... 1 - When I try to create a partition in that free space: -It says "not enough space"... 2...