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    Hibernation Problem

    I have a SSD with Windows 10 installed. I need of Hibernation function very much; And all time which I do Hibernation, and the PC turn off, to back for work, crashes. The session is lost. I use UEFI of Asus. Just complementing The problem that I previously said, I have installed Windows 10 on...
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    Windows 10 How to disable all synchronizations with Windows 10?

    I had Windows 10 installed on your computer as a means to update 8.1. I had to format the computer and installed Windows 10 from scratch. Now came up with some of the previous installation settings. (so open Windows for the first time, were already there) I want a Windows completely new. Some...
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 have total compatibility with SSD?

    I need to install Windows 10 in SSD (sv300s37a240g). I contacted Kingston and received information that: "The Windows 10 still does not have features suitable for the use of SSD technology, Microsoft will deliver new features soon to perfect compatibility with your new OS." But they said that...
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    Windows 10 How to fix error "0x80300024" Install Windows 10 in SSD

    Hi, I purchase a SSD: (sv300s37a240g), connected on the motherboard, I recognized the same in BIOS, put like AHCI, insert Windows 10 Install Disc in computer; when choosing the SSD to install, it appears that:: We couldn't install windows in the location your choose. "Please check your media...