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    Volume Issue on Left4Dead

    I don't know if this will help, but you can try it. I believe the problem is caused by your game settings, not Win 7 It is caused when a sound setting is set too low in the game parameters. Go to the game options and go to the audio and grab both volume sliders and center them, then exit...
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    System Sound when web page changes-How do I shut it off?

    Option 1 Go into "Control Panel", "Sound", "Sounds" tab, find "Start Navigation" and turn it off. Option 2 Test each sound in "Sounds" until you find the offending one(s), then turn it (them) off.
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    Thumbnails not working

    By default, the paging file is placed on the "C" drive and it's automatically managed by the system. I suspect that your paging file size might have been limited by the large file you removed, hence the inability to render the .jpg in a timely fashion. There is more at: Link Removed due to...
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    Flash Player

    I installed Flash Player Active X on both 32-bit and 64-bit Win 7 RC 7100 without incident, and both are working fine. Just FYI. I'm sorry, I can't offer any suggestions other than those already given.
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    HDD failure warning

    Disabling the warning (if even possible) is akin to removing the wire from the "Check Engine" light in your car because you don't believe anything to be wrong. The problem may be as simple as a weak sector or faint recording of a critical file. You may be able to prolong the life of your...
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    lose of duel boot facility

    Most of us would recommend that you first try EasyBCD, a free program, to help set up your dual booting situation again. If the partition for Win 7 is still there, EasyBCD should be able to locate it and help get you get going.
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    Can I uninstall Windows Media Center?

    Windows 7 is basically Vista after going to the gym. Try here for starters: Link Removed - Not Found
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    Keep switching to Windows 7 basic theme

    A dual core processor along with 4G of RAM should be plenty of processing power and processing real estate. There is definitely some process going on if the problem is "predictable" within a short time after boot. Let's search for more clues. First, if indexing is turned on, turn it off...
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    Keep switching to Windows 7 basic theme

    You have not given us much information to work with. What program(s) are running when the message occurs? How often does the problem occur? What programs do you have running in the background? Anyway, go here for a Microsoft discussion of the same problem in Vista. Preventing low memory...
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    CMD prompt dir problems

    To change the system environment variables, follow the below steps. Click "Start", then click "Computer". Click "System Properties"on the toolbar, then click on "Advanced System Settings". In the Advanced section, click the "Environment Variables..." button. Finally, in the Environment...
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    Thumbnails not working

    These types of problems drive me nuts, too. If you have solved the problem, I would like to know what you did. If you didn't, I was wondering if you would: Click "Start" Click "Pictures" Double-click the "Sample Pictures" folder (or something else if it is not there) Right-click one of the...
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    How to change partitions to boot Win7

    Glad you got to (about) where you wanted to be. You are right, the world marches on, and XP is now at the bottom of the OS totem pole. But I also have Windows 98 (on a separate box) and there are programs I like to run there, like games for the grandkids. If you are truly interested in...
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    How to change partitions to boot Win7

    I suspect that your boot manager can't see the hd0 copy specifically because it is a copy. I would almost bet that if you were to do a clean install of the original setup file to the hd0 partition (using a different key which you can get from MS just to be safe), then EasyBCD would see both...
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    How to change partitions to boot Win7

    The first thing that comes to mind is EasyBCD, which is a free boot manager "editing" program. It should help in switching the boot sequences for Win 7 (and XP possibly, if it recognizes it). As far as the other legacy OSs you are running, I don't hold much hope of success, but I wish you good...
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    Installation Nightmare

    I suspect the problem is your video card and drivers. There are some possible solutions, but first let me ask: What OS were you running before trying to install Win 7 RC? Was it XP? Was it Vista? Which Win 7 RC version are you trying to install? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit? Did you download...
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    Can't Dualboot

    Vista and XP use different boot managers (bootstrappers). Win 7 RC is compatible with Vista, but is just as touchy as Vista when XP is involved. Try this site first and read the option from the pull-down that fits your circumstance: Link Removed - Invalid URL Then also go to the EasyBCD...
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    Windows 7 / XP Dual booting problems

    Dual booting with XP is possible, I have XP and Win 7 RC 32-bit running on an older Gateway. The problem is that XP is not compatible with the Vista/Win 7 boot managers without some tweaking. The EasyBCD site has a step-by-step guide in their FAQ to make an entry for XP, but it involves...
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    Having trouble burning the ISO file

    Nero may have its place, but MS recommends using ISOBuster or Active ISO Burner. Both of these are in fact free to download and to use. Go to to get them or perhaps another program of your choosing. I used Active ISO Burner with its default settings and burned DVDs for both the...
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    Need instruction on Dual boot....

    None of the solutions that come to mind are elegant. The first is to use a third-party program to shrink the existing partition and create a new one. I don't know how much data you have on your system, but if it is not much, then you could also clean install Win 7 RC, use its utilities to...
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    I am lost...please help!

    I have encountered this conundrum before. What worked for us was using EasyBCD to change the boot order. Once you are booted up to the drive you want to use for the OS, then you can access the "offending" drive and clear or move its contents. There are solutions available using "Disk...