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    Gaming Performance

    Hello. Today i want to know how to play in Good Graphics? My Graphic card is Intel HD Graphics 4000 Whenever i play any of game i only lag, in MMO Games even i lag and when i turn on special effects of graphics in games it lags like patato I need help how can i increase my Gaming Peformance...
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    By mistake i turn on the safe mode 5 months ago.. i have to re-fresh my PC i ticked on safe mode by mistake that time i was trying to control my PC From mobile via Microsoft application on Android and when i connected it putted me in safe mode.. i saw the video how to reduce lag and in video it...
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    HELP!!!!! PLEASE

    I automatically got in safe mode now I don't know hw to get out of safe mode I don't want to lose updates if windows and files , applications Even can't connect to network. I restared my PC but it still safe mode Even this topic is posted from mobile PLEASE HELP