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    Permanently folder view

    Re: where's the fix? Yes mrsbee, I can't find it either. It doesn't appear on his post.
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    XP Mode-Final

    What is this workaround, please? I have Home Prem and want to use some form of XP Mode. I also have a genuine XP disc. But why won't MS let us use XP Mode with Home Prem, I downloaded it because they offer Home Prem in their dropdown list but they don't tell you it won't work !!!
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    Best dvd ripping software for win 7???

    Is there any software for ripping parts of a homemade DVD, i.e. where I have recorded our favourite TV shows direct from Satellite or DVB and we only want to keep some of them?
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    folder views will not stay to what i set them to, like on XP

    dmorgan924 was not saying he had docs + fotos in the same folder, it's a case of opening each separate folder, setting its preferred view but when I re-open that folder the view has been changed. I want my Pictures folder to open in Large Icons each time I open it and I want my Documents...
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    Permanently folder view

    Re: where's the fix? Can I ask the same question, please? where's the fix that davehc referred to?
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    Icons on desktop hidden/disappeared?

    Desktop Icons lost Great stuff, Stigern. I had the same problem and fixed it as you said. Thanks A breaktrough :P It was a user error! Somehow I had un-checked the Right-Click->View->Show Desktop Icons