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    Error renaming files

    Seems you either have similar filetypes (txt, doc, rtf, docx) with same name in the folder or a corrupt folder. Turn on file extensions (inside a windows folder View > options > uncheck "Hide extension" > ok) this should now show the 2nd "pic01" has in fact a different extension than 1st.
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    Lost focus after search

    not sure i follow but what i do is i open the specific folder i want to seach in and click F3 to search inside this folder
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    Print Dialog Box no Longer Appears

    try shortcut CTRL + P
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    USB stick window keeps popping up

    Hello all I keep my work files on a USB stick that is attached to my laptop. Several times a day a window pops up, showing me the content of the drive, as i had just connected it. Why is this happening? It's a new laptop. Yes, i could turn off autoplay to "not do anything" when a pendrive is...