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  1. Josephur

    Windows Recovery is missing

    That's why I mentioned it's not for the faint of heart as it would require using a partition resizing tool to create a partition for it to live on.
  2. Josephur

    Windows Recovery is missing

    It's totally possible to manually reinstall WinRE, it's just not an operation that's super easy and takes some technical know how. First step is to make sure your disk is partitioned correctly and still has the 500MB (or so) WinRE partition, does it exist?
  3. Josephur

    Laptop battery won't charge 😖

    No matter what it is, since it's under a year old it should be covered by a manufacturers warranty. Backup your data and send it in for replacement.
  4. Josephur


    Make sure your BIOS is up to date, and switch all the boot settings to Secure Boot, UEFI (disable legacy options) and try again.
  5. Josephur

    Clear all history AND all events in reliability Monitor

    If you click on Start, and type Problem Reports, click on View All Problem Reports and clear them, does that clear the events?
  6. Josephur

    Have I been scammed?

    Even after you change your password you need to login to the Comcast webmail page and make sure there are no rules the attacker left behind such as all incoming email gets copied to another address etc... I've seen this a lot.
  7. Josephur

    power and sleep settings

    Click on Start, type in powercfg.cpl and run it, should be some of the options you are probably missing?
  8. Josephur

    Dell 3565 Windows 10 stuck on v1909

    At least you went with Thunderbird. The built in Windows Mail app is hot garbage.
  9. Josephur


    I can tell you this, I looked at your Free Proxy List and port probed the few ones it said it had just checked to be active 17 seconds ago, hah, it's a total joke. I wouldn't bother using that site. The bigger question is why are you trying to use a proxy? If you need anonymity a good VPN is...
  10. Josephur


    I believe that might be a "STOP Djvu" variant which Emsisoft has a free decryption tool for.
  11. Josephur

    Windows Explorer crashes/lags after connecting external monitor

    First step would be to update both video drivers.
  12. Josephur

    New Computer Hard Drive

    It's hard to say exactly, but in general Windows 10 handles hard drive moves to a new machine rather well. You'll have to try and find out, and perhaps re-activate Windows afterwards.
  13. Josephur

    How to convert .cpt files to jpg, jpet, png etc. image file

    What if you just install the 15 day trial version of Corel Draw/Photo-Paint and see if it can save them as another image format?
  14. Josephur

    How to convert .cpt files to jpg, jpet, png etc. image file

    Ah looking at the documentation for IrfanView it states "CorelDraw Photopaint format (CPT version 6 only)" So many its support for CPT files is limited.
  15. Josephur

    How to convert .cpt files to jpg, jpet, png etc. image file

    I would try creating a temporary folder outside of OneDrive's view, such as C:\temp\, and also just for funsies get rid of the + in the file name. So c:\temp\file1.cpt, then try IrfanView, do you get the same error?
  16. Josephur

    How to convert .cpt files to jpg, jpet, png etc. image file

    I believe IrfanView will open cpt files, then you can use File, Save As to save as another format. And it's free!
  17. Josephur

    Help with DhcpIPAddress

    The easiest way to perhaps reset this would be to use Device Manager and just remove the offending network adapter then telling it to scan for new hardware and reinstalling it... Once you start messing in the registry things can get hairy.
  18. Josephur

    Wifi & ethernet at the same time, both on different subnets.

    Have you tried creating a software bridge between your ethernet nic and wifi? Windows allows this by selecting two network interfaces in Control Panel, and right clicking one of them and choosing Bridge Connections. I would suggest static IP addresses on both interfaces before you attempt...
  19. Josephur

    Sticky Keys

    StickyKeys can be turned off. It is on by default to help those with accessibility needs operate the operating system with ease. Some users actually need this function to properly install/setup Windows. Just turn it off if you don't need it. Also I've had this feature turned off since the...