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    Windows 10 microsoft act. - why does pw work sometimes and not at

    I know this makes no sense whatsoever - but here goes. I'm sure the microsoft act. pw is valid - whenever i go to a microsoft act. sign in box, it worksHere's what doesn't make any sense: I'm supposed to already have an account. whenever i open the win 10 start menu and click on "mail", i...
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    microsoft edge won't open

    thanks kemical - but didn't help
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    microsoft edge won't open

    when i click the edge icon the edge screen opens for just a second and goes away. is there a fix for this ? i read the post by DavidESP but was unable to follow what he did to solve the prob. has there been any recent updates to address this ?
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    Windows 10 can't install outlook- wants windows pw

    recently upgraded from win 7 to win 10 (free) after clicking on outlook as the account i want to install, i get a screen "add your microsoft account". this screen wants my credentials (email & pw) for my microsoft acct. i comply and click "sign in" and get another screen "sign in to this device...
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    Windows 10 win10 requireing login pw even though i've set it up not to

    recent (free) upgrade from win 7. have gone thru the following steps to disable the login pw requirement: 1. power options > system settings - under pw protection on wakeup, the option "don't require a password" is checked 2. Run >NEPLWIZ>OK - under user accounts, "users must enter a user...
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    win10 is requiring network pw to access win 7 files

    i think it's a combination modem/router (provided by my ISP) netgear model: B90-755044-15. as mentioned earlier, it does have a usb port but i'm not sure if this is for printer sharing. i plugged the printer into this usb port but could not make the mac or the pc's print. i am back to my...
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    win10 is requiring network pw to access win 7 files

    plugging printer into mac is not an option - i have 2 pc's and a chrome book that cant "see" the printer when its attached to the mac. my router does support wi fi and i assume it would allow sharing this printer - it's the printer i'm concerned about. It's an hp officejet 415 all in one...
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    win10 is requiring network pw to access win 7 files

    thanks for reply - i was able to resolve the issue myself by turning off "password protected sharing " on both pc's. the other issue is this: my printer is on a win 10 pc which is on a home network (WORKGROUP) with a mac and a win 7 pc. whenever i try to install a network printer on the mac...
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    win10 is requiring network pw to access win 7 files

    mac, win 10 pc and win 7 pc are networked (home network - WORKGROUP). whenever i try to access the win 7 files from win 10, it ask for a network credentials pw. the mac, win 10, and win 7 computers all have the same login pw. other than that i have never assigned any other pw to either of...