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    reinstall windows 7 at boot up screen appears saying setup or windows 7 how to get rid off this screen
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    java plug-in crash

    How to fix this error when trying to play games java TM platform SE6 u13 crash
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    microphone boost

    Under windows xp i had this feature,nows it gone under windows 7 rc, my wife uses it for paltalk but without the boost they can't hear her. Is there any fix for this/ or work around. Tks
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    rc install

    When i installed windows 7 rc on my xp machine it say it was going to save my windows system as old windows, where is that hiding and how can i delete it to free up more disc space. tks
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    Sorry don't have that option in access to turn off anything is this xp problem i will ck my vista machine and see if that setting is working
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    Just installed windows rc on my xp machine works great,however when i boot in my magnifer glass comes up my on board key board etc how do i shut this off' tks