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  1. Palanitar

    Share your oldest screenshots

    Oh Man! You made my date, the window XP is really amazing, in fact, the 2000 Era was the best....
  2. Palanitar

    Windows 10 Help, Apps Not Working?

    I would suggest you troubleshoot... or I hope it will work for you.. :):)
  3. Palanitar

    Windows 10 GTA 3 Windows 10

    I remember the last time I played GTA 3 back in 2003. I guess you need to shift to Windows XP OS... It is an amazing game and great fun for me..
  4. Palanitar

    New Motherboard

    Well, I don't think so replacing the motherboard is a solution. Although you can get it repaired I believe it never get compatible with the other hardwares.