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    Windows 7 Win7 Freezes randomly

    I would check my power setting and set them all to never and see if it still freezes. If not, then you know there is something hanging up when it goes to sleep.
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    Windows 7 Downgrade: Change Windows 7 Ultimate to Home Premium or Professional

    Are you trying to go from 32 to 64 bit? .. that won't won't work.... however if you just want to upgrade a 32 or 64 bit version you may have to deactivate your current version first. Google slmgr and read on how to do that... I think there are 3 commands -rilc -cpky and -upk that...
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    Is this video worthy?

    I found this video amusing but then again... I found myself watching curling today also. What could be more stupid than guys throwing rocks and sweeping around them. I may be losing it. If so, somone come pull me back from the edge of insanity. Link Removed due to 404 Error Oh.. one more...
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    Be amazed

    Load Beyonce and pause it at the beginning ... with sound off (make sure the commercials are finished. Then load Skynyrd and pause it... then move it to the 2 minute mark and start it.... quickly go back to...
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    Windows 7 I love this tip

    Someone said that tabs have to be turned off for it to work Here is another way... make a shortuct and put "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" before the url. Or make a batch file to open several sites at a time, each in their own new window: START /d "C:\Program...
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    Windows 7 Installed programs are missing and ReadyBoost isn't available!

    sysmain.dll part of Superfetch Service Host must be messed up. any chance you have a virus? 1739 kb file date 7/13/09
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    Windows 7 Installed programs are missing and ReadyBoost isn't available!

    Turn off readyboost. It probably slows down your system anyway. Testing shows that hard drivers are many times faster than USB.
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    Windows 7 I love this tip

    If you have desktop shortcuts to web page and you have IE open, when you click on the shortcut it will OVERWRITE the web page you have open. To set IE to open a NEW instance of IE in a NEW window do this: Open Internet Options from Control Panel or from the Tools menu inside IE. Click on the...
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    Windows 7 Here it is folks...

    The only way Do yourself a BIG favor and buy a new hard drive. A big one is only about $50. Install Win 7 to it, get it customized and consider some of the speed tweaks at the link in my tagline.... THEN install your favorite software and copy your personal data, photos etc from your old...
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    Windows 7 Win7 Freezes randomly

    Check the link in my tagline. I've had a lot of services turned off AND I totally removed my Task Scheduler.. about 4 months ago and it makes my system run perfect.
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    I want one!

    Well it seems this is not available for purchase.... which implies that much like the g-spot, it doesn't actually exist
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    Windows 7 Win7 Freezes randomly

    If you are dialing you must be using a modem and the modem is probably sharing an interrupt. If you can move it to another slot it will use a differrent IRQ address and if there is an irq conflict it should go away.
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    Windows 7 Win7 Freezes randomly

    I would just rename the file but it's probably malware or trojan trying to dial out. You'll probably have to run takeown and icals to get access to rename it. How to fix rasautou.exe error Link Removed - Invalid URL
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    I want one!

    G-Spot Mouse by Andy Kurovets Yanko Design
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    Windows 7 COM Surrogate error

    If it's a Seagate 7600.11 drive you had better upgrade the firmware. Google Seagate Bricking and read up. I had a hell of a time getting my Seagate drive fixed after it bricked.
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    Windows Vista Internet connection drops on start up

    I have about 20 know fixes to connection problems at the link in my tagline. Run through them. Sounds like driver problems though. I have found that windows 7 WILL replace new drivers I have installed with older onse it likes better. Evertime I see the atkmdiag error in my event log I know...
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    Windows 7 Win7 Freezes randomly

    Chck logs Go through your logs. The link for troubleshooting is in my tagline here. Also check the network fixes... there are a couple things that and known to cause short pauses and lags that are not needed and can be turned off.
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    New Features and Changes

    Reply That's no problem. Just thought it was redundant. IE 8 here is the problem.. the fields show in my profile... but when I go to edit my profile there are no such fields to fill out. Look at your own profile.. you'll see System and Level are blank. That's because there is no way to...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 desktop screenshot

    Mine Link Removed due to 404 Error Still not showing... I must know know the secret handshake.
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    suggestion - do away with the 180 day password limitation

    Hate it I hate it. Glad it's gone. Hope I can go back to my old one so I dont have to *think* ...yeah... I should be getting paid to THINK