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    Windows 10 Is possible to find corrupted pictures in folders recursively?

    It's unusual to find a corrupt picture. Usually this would mean that there is a cause for the corrupt picture such as malware or bad sectors et cetera. There is no way to periodically check for corrupt pictures. If they are coming from a storage device, you can open File Explorer, and then...
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    Windows 10 How to allocate RAM?

    If you are short on RAM, you can try closing other programs from Task Manager or getting more RAM installed. Most computers these days ship well under their maximum RAM limits which allows you to shop for more and install it yourself. The RAM slots make it simple for anyone to swap out the old...
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    Privacy and Security Discussion

    Good point about email at the end there. My opinions are still butting heads a little bit with that, but even if you had all unique passwords, it's important to protect that main email. It's also why it's necessary to bother taking the time to have two factory security on that maim email also...
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    Privacy and Security Discussion

    I don't know about the OP, but I'm riveted. Let's continue a little bit if you've got the time. If what you say is correct, why do you need database dumps for scenario a) but not a database dump for scenario b)? Even though it's one password, it will still require the database dump for that...
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    Privacy and Security Discussion

    But you could crack a shorter password much quicker. So if you can crack any code, then you could just put your software onto each password and they'd be cracked at a similar time. And that's actually being kind to your ideas. The difference between a 25 character and 30 character password is...
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    Privacy and Security Discussion

    Doesn't make much sense. If you think you can crack any 30 character password, then you can obviously crack a sub 10 character password that is auto-generated as an apparent strong password very quickly and any time you want. So what would the point be of bothering trying to stop you? There...
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    Privacy and Security Discussion

    Glad you asked! I like to take the Snowden approach to life online. I couldn't care less (that's could care less in American English I believe) about information online apart from the government and authorities seeing it. I'm not anti-government, I just mean government agents etc. and anyone...
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    Windows 10 Keep laptop screen on when lid is closed why won't it work anymore ?

    Have you checked your screen turn off settings? By default your screen turning off has its own power settings. Settings > System > Power and Sleep > Screen.
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    Windows 10 Keep laptop screen on when lid is closed why won't it work anymore ?

    My apologies. I thought you had said you had selected the settings for it already. Turning the settings on will definitely help. :up:
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    Windows 10 Keep laptop screen on when lid is closed why won't it work anymore ?

    That's certainly possible. You might want to try rolling back to a previous version and see how it goes then. You can do that by heading to Start menu > Settings > Update and Security > Recovery > Go back to previous version.
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    Windows 10 Keep laptop screen on when lid is closed why won't it work anymore ?

    Hello, It should still work. If the settings are still there (which they are, I just checked), then it should still be working. Perhaps try giving your computer a reset/choose to still keep your data and see if that helps.
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    Windows 8 WIndows logs me out, if video memory is full?

    It could be. It could also be hardware related rather than anything Microsoft can help. The general rule of thumb is never to use all of your hard drive space, one of the reasons being to prevent your computer not working the way it should. When you use up all of your RAM, the computer will...
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    Windows 10 Onscreen keyboard to access bios at startup

    Hello WillyWombat, You might want to consider entering the BIOS from the Settings app instead which you should be able to do by tapping on the screen and without using the keyboard. It can be done from Settings app > Update and Security > Recovery > Advanced Startup > Restart Now >...
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    Windows 10 not responding and tabbing out bug

    Hello Adriz, This is a problem just with browsers or what other types of programs are you seeing this problem with? For Chrome, you can always click on the three dots in the top right side > Settings > Advanced > and then scroll down until you get to "Reset and clean up." Here you can check...
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    Windows 10 installing Google Chrome

    :) You're welcome!
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    Windows 10 Which laptop is best fo me ?

    I'll assume you've well and truly made your decision already, but for future reference there's a great website called "WePC" that offers cheap gaming solutions I recommend checking out. I'm sure there are probably many other helpful sites as well but this is the only one I know that allows you...
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    Windows 10 installing Google Chrome

    Hello John, Do you mean "Class no registered" by any chance? Either way, you should be able to solve it by reinstalling Chrome. Head to Start menu > Settings > Apps > Uninstall Chrome. Head to the official Chrome download page and download it again. (The one button installs the 64-bit...
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    Why won't Windows accept a driver that worked a few weeks ago?

    Hello Jaap, It sounds like you're probably running Windows 10 or Windows 8. Microsoft no longer allows for unsigned programs to run for security reasons. I believe this first started in Windows 8, and it's why you should be finding less malware on your computer these days, as malware would get...
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    Windows 10 100% disk problem!

    Hello bonbontintin, 100% disk is likely referring to your hard disk/ hard drive. It means you've run out of storage space. You should delete at least 10-15% of your files that are taking up your hard drive space as soon as you can to give your hard disk some relief. This can usually be found by...