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  1. Rex M

    Windows 10 Consistently inconsistent error

    Hello txakura, Chrome_elf.dll is an essential component for some Windows applications, and the error message is a sign that the file is corrupt or missing, which affects the program. Some users have encountered a chrome_elf.dll error, it occurs if a file has been corrupted or removed. However...
  2. Rex M

    Windows 10 windows update error code 0x800f0831

    Hello gorwyn, The 0x800f0831 error indicates your PC could not access Microsoft's Update servers or the update services stopped working. It appears when users try to update their system or download any available update. The issue might occur if the update requires the manifest of a previous...
  3. Rex M

    Windows 10 How To Fix Error In Windows 10 Class Not Registered?

    Hello michaeljonny33, The error Class Not Registered in Windows system can occur from corrupted or unregistered DLL files or due to Registry errors and various system-related issues. If you are facing the Class Not Registered error on your Windows system, then you can try the below-given fixes...
  4. Rex M

    Error: "The Specified Domain Either Does Not Exist or Could Not Be Contacted"

    Hello marioaraujoxavier, The error generally occurs due to invalid DNS settings on the workstation because Active Directory requires using domain DNS to work correctly. However, the error can also occur if you've configured IPv6 and it's not working. If you are facing the error message "The...
  5. Rex M

    Windows server 2019 network error 0x80070035

    Hello tasdim, The error 'Network Path not found - error 0x80070035' usually occurs if your PC can't find the way of a network that it's connected to. The error can be caused by various causes, as the corrupted registry entries can also result in the error. However, here are some ways you can...