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    You have already tried several solutions, but here are some other things to try: Go to Task Scheduler and see if there are any tasks that are set to wake up the PC. If you find any, right-click on them and select "Disable" to turn them off. This feature can sometimes cause a PC to turn on...
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    windows 11 network stalls on some sites unless i use vpn.

    Please check these settings. Might be one of these causes your trouble Clear your browser cache Disable extensions Try a different browser Check your firewall settings Check your antivirus software Check your DNS settings Check your Router's QOS settings
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hello everyone, i am a designer and join with this forum to resolve my widows issue
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    Windows 10 Windows Doesn't work properly

    Whenever i started my windows pc, it showed a popup that it ask me to log out Microsoft account and delete my all windows data from c drive. i am facing this issue continuously. I lost so many important files due to this error
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    Windows 10 Win 10 20H2 update

    Thanks for this reply. It will really help me
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    Windows 10 New Graphics card

    I think you have to go with GTX 1050 Graphic Card. It has more effective than others.
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    Windows 10 Not able to use more than 7 monitors in Win10 Display Settings

    Having 2 display GPUs and Windows 10 computer does see all monitors in the display settings program, but it will not allow me to enable more than 7 at a time. How do I fix this?
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    Windows 10 Cleaning out Downloads Files?

    When I downloads the files and when its get failed then its occupy some memory. So, how I can remove that memory from my PC. Please let me know the best procedure to do it.