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  1. BurrWalnut

    Windows 10 Tmp folder

    There are two temporary folders whose contents can be deleted. Open a Run window (Windows Logo key+R), type temp and press Enter. Delete everything that appears (there may be a few obstinate files that cannot be deleted, just skip them). Repeat the command for the other folder using %temp% in...
  2. BurrWalnut

    Windows 10 Export Fovourites from Microsoft Edge

    In Edge click the Breadcrumbs (… top right) > Favorites > Breadcrumbs again at the top then Export or Import.
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    Windows XP Hi I want to print a list of the pc programs but can't find a way in. Please advise. Thank you

    |clip is part of the command. The 4 spaces must be present in the command for it to work.
  4. BurrWalnut

    Windows XP Hi I want to print a list of the pc programs but can't find a way in. Please advise. Thank you

    To list all programs this certainly works in Windows 7 and 10, but I cannot remember if it will work in XP, try it you can do no harm. From an elevated Command Prompt, i.e. click the Windows Orb (Start) > All Programs > Accessories and right-click Command Prompt, then ‘Run as Administrator’...
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    Windows 7 Multi-folder renamer

    For goodness sake "Man up", the program I identified (BulkRenameUtility) is easy to run!
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    Windows 7 Multi-folder renamer

    Download the free 32-bit or 64-bit version of Bulk Rename, here
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    Bookmarks 🔖🔖🔖

    After years of trying different methods of naming and sequencing hundreds of Internet Explorer Favorites, here is the method I have settled upon. Rename the top level folders with a two digit prefix (starting 01, 03 etc.) followed by a space. I have ‘01 Finance’, ‘03 Forums’ through to ‘53 Art’...
  8. BurrWalnut

    Windows 7 How to set file associations for portable program?

    To do it manually, you would use the assoc command to associate extensions to file types and the ftype command to associate a file type with an application. For example, if you had an extension named .ldg that was used by a program named ledger.exe, you would create a file type called, say...
  9. BurrWalnut

    Windows 10 Windows Insider Build Not Installing???

    It took me four hours to install it. On the WindowsTen forum it took someone over six hours, so just be patient. Dona Sarkar has rather optimistically suggested it may sit idle for 30 minutes or so, scroll down here...
  10. BurrWalnut

    Windows 7 Structure of Registry: HKCR vs. HKLM; Wow6432Node branch

    Here is some information that I have put together over the years. It should answer most of your questions: There are five main branches of the registry. HKEY is an acronym for Handle to Registry Key. They are as follows: 1. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (HKCR) – The information that is stored here makes...
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    Windows 10 Windows Defender Update Problem

    A number of us fixed it that way, here is the official Microsoft reply
  12. BurrWalnut

    Windows 10 Windows Defender Update Problem

    It should have been corrected by now but in case you’re still receiving the error, update the definitions manually via the Defender User Interface which should then resolve the issue with Windows Update via Settings..
  13. BurrWalnut

    Windows 7 How to re-show the hidden title bar and menu bar of TaskManager?

    This is an old issue that has been around for many years. To regain the Tabs and information, double-click on the outside border of the Task Manager window. Double-clicking toggles it on and off.
  14. BurrWalnut

    When's The Best Time To Get A Monitor

    I find that 14:10 is best for me, I’ve had lunch and I’m raring to go! Sorry, I couldn’t resist that. There are, and always has been, two schools of thought about new technology: 1. Always buy the latest and stay up to date. 2. Don’t be a guinea pig with a new product, wait until it’s fully...
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    Windows 10 How Do I Get My Files From Mac To Windows?

    That seems odd to me. I have no trouble transferring files between Windows 10 and OSX (currently El Capitan but was Leopard in 2009 when I purchased it). There are three methods I use: 1. USB stick formatted originally in MacBook. 2. Network transfer via file sharing. 3. NAS using a large...
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    Windows 7 Edit the registry

    The only way I know is to click on the last one showing in the hierarchy, then keep pressing left arrow until the hives are closed.
  17. BurrWalnut

    Windows XP Can you unknowingly be a server?

    I’ve just realised this is an old thread, so I have deleted my original reply.
  18. BurrWalnut

    Windows 10 Set Associations File in Windows 10 64bit

    I've changed my previous post as, upon reflection, I think you may have a registry or Adobe problem. Whether the GUI or assoc/ftype commands are used, the result is the same - an updated registry. Have a look at the registry. Run regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes...
  19. BurrWalnut

    Windows 7 Is someone remotely using my computer?

    From various websites, I’ve compiled this list of some things that can be checked: 1. First of all check if any rogue programs or services are running. Open a Run window (Windows Logo key+R), type msconfig and press Enter. On the Startup Tab, uncheck any entries that are unknown to you. Repeat...
  20. BurrWalnut

    Windows 7 Device Manager Won't Open/ Run

    Normally, this type of error is caused by malware. Have you run your anti programs? If not, I suggest you do. If, after running your ‘anti’ programs, the issue still persists, run these as I think registry restrictions have been placed on specific activities: 1. If System Restore is enabled...