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  1. village idiot

    Windows 7 Default IME not responding, no sound coming out of computer, no video playback

    Long Shot??? 1) Open WMP 2) Went to menu Tools>Options>Network Tab>Streaming Proxy Settings Section 3) Configured any listed streaming protocol (HTTP/RTSP) to "Do not use a proxy server". My setting when the problem was occurring was that HTTP was set to "Use proxy settings of the Web...
  2. village idiot

    Windows 7 Default IME not responding, no sound coming out of computer, no video playback

    Does this happen after the machine has gone to sleep? This "Default IME not responding" seems to be a bit of an known issue, some say updating drivers has helped, for your networking chip and sounds as well.
  3. village idiot

    Windows 7 Blue Screen while browsing the internet?

    32 or 64 bit? Might be drivers. What browser is it? Fire fox has been a bit buggy on windows 7, with developer having to release a fair few fixes! Make sure it's up to date, and you have all the updates from MS Update installed to. Your not the only one to get that BSOD.
  4. village idiot

    Windows 7 Blue Screen while browsing the internet?

    Microsoft KB:cool: You receive a "STOP 0x0000010E" or "STOP 0x000000C1" error message on a Windows Vista-based computer or on a Windows Server 2008-based computer
  5. village idiot

    Windows 7 SP1

    I think it will be a similar story like Vista SP1 was, no big changes, just address minor usability issues in specific scenarios.
  6. village idiot

    Windows 7 Windows 7 Freezes

    Yep, also run with just one, then see what happens, then pull it out, then run with the other, fault test to. Could also be a driver issue to, update those were you can.
  7. village idiot

    Windows 7 Windows 7 Freezes

    Memory Issue maybe??? Try Switching the sticks about, some crash logs would be good to.
  8. village idiot

    New Features and Changes

    Thanks, even joined the Face Book page this place has to.
  9. village idiot

    New Features and Changes

    WOW, The changes are great, I've been a complete slack ***, so it's been while since I've been here. More than 30 days according to thing atop of this forum lol
  10. village idiot

    Windows 7 Issues with Direct X 10 Games Crashing

    It's good to be back. Kemical's right, I'd have a look at the drivers, also see if the manufacture has forum, maybe your not alone. A quick look see on me old mate Google c0000005 directx 10 - Google Search Lead me to here Link Removed - Invalid URL Which makes a good point, make sure the...
  11. village idiot

    Windows 7 Internet Explorer 9 Preview

    Not sure if it's in the right spot, or if it's been done. Internet Explorer 9 Preview At the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2009 day two keynote (see my PDC coverage), Link Removed due to 404 Error president Steven Sinofsky showed off a very, very early version of...
  12. village idiot

    Windows 7 Windows 7 and Mac OS X 0x80070035 check spelling error?

    Ok I'm stump:mad: It Windows 7 keeps throwing up 0x80070035 when I try to map-network! I've tryed this. Open the Control Panel 2. Switch to "Classic" view 3. Double-click Administration Tools 4. Double-click Local Security Policy 5. Or Secpol.msc 6. Expand...
  13. village idiot

    Windows 7 DX11 Cards

    In the new year yours truly will yank out the two year ol 8800gts and run one of these puppy's HIS ATI HD 5870 PCI-E 2.0 1GB 256-bit GDDR5, 850/4800MHz, Dual DVI/ HDMI/ Display Port, DX11, Fan, Game included. Got a new monitor, with HDMI, sadly no HDMI on two year old card. That's the plan...
  14. village idiot

    Windows 7 Driver Notice

    I was thinking I'll add my little experience with Vista/ Windows 7 driver issue. Ok when I built my PC, I had a lot of issue with the GA-M55SLI-S4 and the drivers that came with it, I did a little digging around, found that 5 series chip set drivers by nvidia weren't all they were cracked up...
  15. village idiot

    PC vs Mac

    I have both, and I like the Mac, it's the BEST notebook on the planet, it just works, there's no millarky, it's great for work, well the wifes work as she works for a Architectural an Design firm and they are 100% mac based for all there computing needs! We take it everywhere! Macs do have...
  16. village idiot

    Windows Vista Driver error and system going to sleep automatically.

    Drivers are single biggest issue with Vista, I had complete and utter head aches with Nforce drivers for the nvidia 5 series chips on my Gigabyte MoBo running vista. Untill I cam across a website dedicated to those of us with issues from having those chips. Nvidia should have stuck to GPU's!
  17. village idiot

    Windows 7 Any Windows 7 networking demon tweaks?

    Ok first off how good is windows7:D Installed and running fine for a week as my primary OS. I'm a bit stumped, ever since installing it I've noticed the throughput on my home network isn't as good like it was with vista:eek: Odd I know because well know what that was like. I've disable...
  18. village idiot

    New Trojan horse for the mac

    Download avast! Mac Edition Got it going on the wife's mac!
  19. village idiot

    Windows Vista How to protect my computer from viruses?

    Keeping up to date with modern Windows versions and the very latest security fixes are key ways to keep your computer more secure.