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  1. iMCLueLeSS

    Windows 7 Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    This seems to still be going somewhat so I'll add mine. Malwarebytes + Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit + Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit SuperAntiSpyware AdwCleaner Ccleaner (If you count it.)
  2. iMCLueLeSS

    Windows 10 Need to fix boot loader. Can't boot into windows

    This helped me when I had problem with boot loader. Fix the MBR – Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Sent from my iPhone using WindowsForum
  3. iMCLueLeSS

    Windows 7 Worst PC I Ever Owned

    I’d love to, but can’t afford to.Even $50 is a lot for us & we barely cover bills. Can’t work so I’m home a lot & do surveys for gas & cig money. And weed of course. Wife’s dad gave me laptop but charger port inner piece is broken. I gotta order another piece, but where it connects is in...
  4. iMCLueLeSS

    Windows 7 Worst PC I Ever Owned

    Just venting, but I got a Dell Optiplex 760 desktop planning to upgrade & haven’t been able to afford anything. It’s old but still very poor excuse for a PC. Constant issues with it & cant fix missing NIC controller or whatever it’s called. This is so fkn dumb. From buying PCs so far I’ve...
  5. iMCLueLeSS

    Windows 7 Overclocking Question

    Post edit. Problem solved. (Not over clocking issue) Sent from my iPhone using Windows Forums mobile app
  6. iMCLueLeSS

    Windows 7 Overclocking Question

    LMFAO. Have you read my specs? I appreciate the heads-up, but it's all crappy parts/crappy PC. So I'm not worried.
  7. iMCLueLeSS

    Windows 7 Overclocking Question

    So I'm running a pretty horrible spec'd PC. Not going into details, but this is the bench from CPU-Z. Is it possible to overclock this CPU? I've seen google stuff that say yes, but most were very old. (I've gotten answers on another site that it can be, if motherboard and such is right...
  8. iMCLueLeSS

    Introduce Yourself.

    Hey everyone. Clueless I guess you can call me. I don't really know much about anything in particular, though I have learned just a few small things here and there in different "categories" you could say. I'm not good at all at retaining knowledge these days, so I just get info as much as I can...