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  1. mzim

    Windows 7 Windows 7 - Solutions for boot problems.

    Found the problem on my end. Disabled the NVIDIA 9800 GT graphics card and lo and boots normally...but only with onboard graphics. Now, you would think, I'll just go get the updated driver from NVIDIA, right? THe latest driver will not install correctly. Version of driver stays...
  2. mzim

    Has Your Windows 7 Install Been a Miserable Experience? [Question Of The Day] (Gizmod

    Purchased the 3 license family pack last week. Installed on 1 yr old Dell laptop (ok), a rebuilt Dell Dimension 8400 (new graphics card, larger drive, memory) that one is super quick with no for the finale, On my HP Presario 9600 series, Im searching this forum for a startup...
  3. mzim

    Windows 7 Windows 7 - Solutions for boot problems.

    Hello, I just joined yesterday in hopes of resolving my issue here. I am experiencing the exact same scenario on my HP Pavillion Elite m9600t desktop. Windows 7 upgrade went fairly smooth except for the monitor not waking after standby mode kicked in. I finally changed it to never in the power...