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  1. Jlaforce

    Windows 10 Assign port to localhost

    If you have your ssh server installed, open file explorer, (make sure you are admin), in the path area put, %programdata%\ssh\ , here you will see sshd_config (if I remember right). You can open it in notepad, or in vscode, look for port, change it to the port you want, then save, either reboot...
  2. Jlaforce

    Windows 10 Win 10 starts to Admin, not to my account

    If you are saying you want to manually put in your logon information. It it boots to the admin login screen, you probably have credential caching enabled. To change this: Run Regedit as admin Navigate to - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\ Look for the...
  3. Jlaforce

    Windows 10 Display resolution, Intel Graphics 3000 on Dell laptop

    Counting on whether you have x86 or x64 windows installed, you can try downloading one of the enterprise driver packs from dell. They usually post multiple packs based on the windows version. ::Google dell enterprise drivers download:: Find your laptop model in the list and download the Win 7...
  4. Jlaforce

    Windows 10 Login screens after sleep

    ((Double post derp))
  5. Jlaforce

    Windows 10 Login screens after sleep

    There isn't really a way as far as I know, you can either do auto logon, if you google sysintenternals autologon, which will automatically log you in from boot, there is a registry edit that will allow for the same function, or if you google caffeine for windows, caffeine will virtually commit...